An 80% Chance of a U.S. Megadrought is likely between 2050-2099

0014222d98500e31d88d0b-300x199The Southwestern United States and the Great Plains have suffered droughts recently but scientists have concluded that another drought is on the way. According to Steven D “in the online journal Science Advances by 2050 major portions of the Southwestern and Great Plains will suffer from droughts much, much worse than the ones we have seen over the last 15 years.”

The current projection is that the situation will become much more serious over the next 50 years of our century. The cause is climate change, because billions more people over the next 35 years will have added much more heat to our world. Adding more people will continue to raise the temperatures. And of course, the more people we have, the more hot our planet will become. And 150 million more foreigners added to the U.S. will make the situation beyond saving. Deaths globally and in the U.S. will continue to rise over the last 50 years as the atmosphere in the United States becomes untenable.

Empty rivers and reservoirs, a scene repeated across a large part of America. In the next few decades it will only get worse with 100 to 200 million people demanding water. And there will be none.And the more people born (up to 78 million per year globally) means the governments (the CEOs) will continue to do what CEOs do, and that will be to continue to make as much money as possible by selling without cease. There is no plan to stop climate change. Leaders of nations will continue with business as usual. However, the North American disaster will not disappoint anyone and it will continue into a massive global hot house from California and across the USA.

Car makers around the world are planning to add as many vehicles they can manufacture. This announcement by Carlos Ghosen, President, Chief and Executive Officer has some news for planet earth.

trafficjamOne trend is the shift in demographics. The world’s population is expanding at a rapid pace. The number of cars in the future is all over the place, but all predictions are up. Carlos Ghosn of Nissan sees 2.9 billion cars in the world by 2050. The Washington Post says there will be 2.5 billion  by 2050  (Aug. 4, 2014). Today, the world number is 600 million and growing rapidly.

Notice: In only 35 years the world will have over 2 billion more people added to the earth, on a planet that it cannot maintain with enough food and water, especially in the United States. We have a major drought problem in the U.S., at the same time an earth that is heating up and yet, Carlos ignores the impending destruction of our planet. He is, along with others without a doubt, pouring gasoline on the fire around the world. Does anyone have a message to Carlos and his auto death machine?

In China (above), autos are stuck on highways and cannot move for months. Food vendors all along the highway sell food and drinks day and night.

All automakers globally are tooling up to see how many vehicles they can produce for the planet. No. That will not help at all. But the CEOs can at least see how much money that they have piled up at their hidden castles.

From the

Eugene Wahl, a paleoclimatologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder, Co., called the results “stunning.”

“We are talking about extreme drought conditions that will-extend from the Mississippi River to California that will last for thirty or more years, literally leave our highly populated, water dependent  society in uncharted territory,  threatening our civilization’s ability to adapt to what will be a radically altered future environment.”

More: “Our results show it’s very likely, if we continue on our current trajectory of greenhouse gas emissions and warming, that regions in the west will be drier at the end of the 21st century than the driest centuries during the Medieval era,” Cook told Quartz.

“The study puts the chances of a megadrought in the central and southwest sometime between 2050-2099 at above 80%…Cook.

When asked how a megadrought, if it started today, would affect in the west, Famiglietti said, that public water, aquifers, agriculture, rangelands, wildlife and forests would all be at risk. He added: “In California we’re already in deep trouble. Imagine what the water situation will look like in 2075? Depleted groundwater, decimated agriculture, irreparable damage to ecological habitat. THINK APOCALYPSE.”

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