As You Slept, Judgement Day Has Arrived

pollutionIt took awhile but Judgement Day has arrived. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I will help you. If you are still in the dark, it is mainly because you went through life this far in a shallow dream.This climate change is happening globally and deals with reality. For those who sit in your chair and spout nonsense, you may leave the room.

Watch the movie about climate change above. YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY is an excellent movie. That is, if you are interested in the hard reality. The story is a continuing battering of our planet and there is no plan to stop it. Scientist Katharine Hayhoe has an excellent understanding of our earth’s fragile situation and that it needs an immediate fix. If nothing is done, the earth and its inhabitants will, indeed, reap the whirlwind.

An emaciated child in the Sudan (1993) moves slowly toward a food source while a vulture waits with anticipation. The girl finally makes it and Kevin Clark, the photographer who won a Pulitzer Prize for that image the next year, killed himself in 1994.However, for those who are slow to catch on, reality is now about to show you the harsh facts to some of what the planet earth has in store for those who have ignored it so far. It isn’t going to get better. For those of you who have been sleep walking through life, the rest of your existence will be different. If nothing is done , starting yesterday, the next 35 years will bring everyone a huge dose of harsh reality. It will not be a good ending to the story of the planet earth. Remember. The more people on earth, the less resources we have. And we are going to have two and a half billion more citizens over those 35 years, destroying our habitats, our land, water,our food and air-rapidly.

Does that make anyone understand our helpless situation better, especially those who have gotten us this far: the incompetent, unconcerned political leaders and our other leaders, the CEOs of the world, who now have control of our planet. (Wal-Mart was with President Bush and 9 other CEOs in 2005 in Texas as the leaders of Mexico, Canada and the United States decided to integrate North America. The U.S. is now North America. We are now known as North Americans, p.32. The blueprint, Building a North American Community, is clear and was signed and approved by President George W. Bush, the CEOs of each nation, the leader of Mexico, and the leader of Canada. )


When the water and food are gone, you don’t add 200 million more people to your nation.

Picture3-300x170A good place to start cleaning up is the uncontrolled fishing in the over fished oceans, of which only a few areas are monitored and laws applied against overfishing to the point of destroying most species of fish globally. The Save Our Seas Foundation is making a valiant effort to make headway in protecting our ocean fisheries but needs to do much more. (Fish and all other sea creatures are often caught in the ocean and they either died or they are thrown away.)

The biggest threat to our earth’s oceans is the sea life in it. If nothing is done quickly it will be a large disaster for at least a billion citizens on earth. That would mean a basic food for those people would no longer have their main protein in order to live. (From the Save Our Seas Foundation.)

One in five people on this planet depends on fish as the primary source of protein. (Food and Agriculture Organization)

“We are in the situation where 40 (35 now) years down the line we, effectively, are out of fish.” (Pavan Sukhdev, UN Environment Programme)


Eugene Wahl, a paleoclimatologist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Boulder, Co.

drought-bog_650x366-300x168_002“We are talking about extreme drought conditions that will-extend from the Mississippi River to California that will last for thirty or more years, literally leave our highly populated, water dependent society in uncharted territory, threatening our civilization’s ability to adapt to what will be a radically altered future environment.”

At the same time two and a half billion more people will be living on earth, where, in America, it will be in a world in the beginning of a drought that will continue beyond 2050 in a large part of the Western United States and continuing on to 2099. This drought will be of historical size and long duration.

More: “Our results show it’s very likely, if we continue on our trajectory of greenhouse gas emissions and warming, that regions in the west will be drier at the end of the 21st century than the driest centuries during the Medieval era.” Cook.

“The study puts the chances of a megadrought in the central and southwest sometime between 2050-2099 at above 80%…” Cook.

The rider on a pale horse
The rider on a pale horse

When asked how a megadrought, if it started today, would affect the west, Famiglietti said, that public water, aquifers, agriculture, rangelands, wildlife and forests would all be at risk. He added: “In California we’re already in deep trouble. Imagine what the water will look like in 2075? Depleted groundwater, decimated agriculture, irreparable damage to ecological habitat. THINK APOCALYPSE.”

All because no one has stepped up to stop the growing threat from humans and the world of CO2 they have unleashed on our earth.

The citizens of earth should know that, if we continue the path we are currently on, the rise of the CO2 level will wreak disaster on a level far  beyond what we could have imagined. There are no current plans that could ever meet such a comprehensive plan to save the earth.

The only program now is a plan by the automobile dealers of the world to build and sell as many cars and trucks they can sell. There are 600 million vehicles on the earth’s highways now but Carlos Ghosn of Nissan sees 2.9 billion  cars in the world by 2050. The Washington Post says dealers have planned to build 2.5 billion vehicles by 2050 (Aug. 4, 2014). And on and on forever, through all that CO2 keeping you very warm and the drought rolls on.

The corporate/government road to prosperity only leads to heartache and disaster for America and its people.The only growth on our planet now is the growth of CO2 around the world. There will be, to start, a continuing warming of the earth’s climate upward, causing a severe shortage of food, water and many deaths. Scientists estimate that the death rate globally is around 5 million people each year due to climate change. This is just the start since there never has been a comprehensive plan to stop the climb of the earth’s temperature. And, with the CEOs of the world focused on the bottom line, the only thing to watch or participate in is what disaster is next. And when will chaos break out after our CEOs have brought in all that cheap labor they brought in from third world nations.  And who will still be alive and healthy enough to carry on. The ones who still have their guns? But no food?

To the greedy CEOs and worthless politicians on this earth. Hedges quotes Ronald Wright, who also wrote ‘A Short History of Progress’.

“If we continue to refuse to deal with things in an orderly and rational way, we will still head into some sort of major catastrophe, sooner or later. If we are lucky it will be big enough to wake us up worldwide but not enough to wipe us out. That is the best we can hope for. We must transcend our revolutionary history. We are Ice Age hunters with a shave and a suit. We are not long-term thinkers. We would much rather gorge ourselves on dead mammoths by driving a herd over a cliff than figure out how to conserve the herd so it can feed us and our children forever. That is the transition our civilization has to make. And we’re not doing that.”

That, however, will never happen. The history of the world was made by those who covet all they see. Gluttons rule the earth and they persist in their destruction of the planet with the mantra “Economic growth forever”, never mentioning that forever is not a possibility in a finite world, with finite resources and a cancerous growth of humans.”

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