Megadrought on the Way: With 500 million people by 2050, The End Game?

This big time drought is certified to cause catastrophic damage and suffering for a large increase of people adding to the huge increase of immigrants to the North American continent. Won’t happen? NOTE THIS:

Mexicans will take over a large part of the United States. Our government wants them to support Social Security and corporations want them for cheap labor. What do you call it when a corporate/government partnership destroys their own nation for greed?“…if current proposals to increase immigration, give legal status to those currently here illegally, and create a new guest worker program were adopted, we likely will be facing the prospect of a population in 2050 of half a billion people. That would be about 200 million more persons than today (a 67% increase). The North American Community is part of the plan, with the  construction of a common perimeter around North America. See pages 27,28. This is the plan for North America:

We propose a community based on the principle affirmed in the March 2005 Joint Statement of the three leaders that “our security and prosperity are mutually dependent and complementary.”

Its boundaries will be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter within which the movement of people, products, and capital will be legal, orderly, and safe. Its goal will be to guarantee a free, secure, just, and prosperous North America.

That would also be in the middle of a predicted major drought for the United States, with a guaranteed 80 to 90 percent accuracy of a major drought approaching 2050. When that happens, there will be no way to meet the demands of having enough food and water, among other needs.

Then there is the doomsday scenario : If our policy makers pursue the latter course, our projection is that the country will be on a course to reaching about one billion people by the end of the century. With any plan that pushes a large increase of foreign workers into the U.S., we will pay the price when food, water, shelter, medical and good jobs or even any jobs, all of the above will not be available.

Empty rivers and reservoirs, a scene repeated across a large part of America. In the next few decades it will only get worse with 100 to 200 million people demanding water. And there will be none.And with a growing drought, agriculture will not even be able to support food for our citizens. Those CEOs, of course, who plan to use the water to grow food for vegetables,  won’t have any, for either the food to eat or water to drink, or much of anything else.

To deal with the coming major disaster, the U.S. Government (as part of North America) will try to utilize some foreign forces (either from Canada or Mexico) to track down those Americans  who have guns.This continent is now one trading region, put together by CEOs like others around the world- the European Union and the African Union.

There will no more United States when the perimeter around North America is finished. A large population of Latinos will move north into the former United States. They will speak Spanish. President Obama has said so. He did say in a speech in Georgia (2008) that you should learn to speak Spanish if you want a job. The government also wants, like the EU, to allow other groups in North America to live in the region and speak their native language. Latinos would be able to speak their own language as the EU does, but that policy there allows 27 languages as legal. North America would also allow other languages to be valid. Those  languages would also be legal to use in commerce, etc.

0III0I1213963457-300x202_003Some of our former rights will no longer be valid. The new rights will be replaced with more restrictive controls.

The three nations of NORTH AMERICA and members of this continent, and soldiers currently training for this trilateral combat force at Ft. Bragg, and other bases such as Camp Bullard in Texas, will learn how to manage these diverse “citizens” of NORTH AMERICA.

They will become part of this single continent of NORTH AMERICA. All of the 250,000 guns owned by private citizens will have to turn in their weapons when ordered. If not, the military of NORTH AMERICA will take action against Americans. (Soldiers from southern America are training to be combat ready under USSOUTHCOM. Headquarters are at Miami, Florida. The U.S. military is learning to become a force, trained to manage this new mix of humanity and bring them into the New World Order.

Prof. Irving gave a speech on denying the Holocaust and received 3 years in prison. He could have gotten more. Any speech in the EU, true or false, can be prosecuted if a person has had his feelings hurt by the speech.  by the speech.Something for you to think about: The First and Second Amendments will no longer be valid. We will now have a new amendment given to us by a list of International laws which will be valid for North America. This is the agreement that “our leaders” chose for citizens who will now have, for example, speech that can put you in prison for what you say.

For example, saying that there was no Holocaust, the governments around the world can put you in prison for 3 years under our new speech if you violate it. Professor Irving gave a speech in which he said there was no Holocaust. He was given 3 years for that short statement in which he said there was no Holocaust. The judge wanted to send the professor to prison for 10 years. (See photo). This, my friends, will be your new allowed speech, courtesy of the New World Order.

800px-Abuelotriptico-300x225This New World Order is an exercise in being a good inmate. You will be nothing but that little biometric ID card that proves you exist. Without it, you will not exist. All regions of the world are in the process of connecting data bases so that everyone on the planet can be located, anytime needed. The Americas, a UN project, is in the process of finishing all 34 nations of the Americas.

Everyone in the Americas are currently connecting the 34 data bases of all the nations in the Americas, except Canada and the former United States. There is some opposition to the Americans because of their opposition to BIG BROTHER. Most of the citizens of the Americas (800 million have finished their biometric cards except the Canadians and Americans. These South Americans are currently being placed in data bases. When all citizens are in data bases, anyone on earth can be located. The earth will not be a pleasant place to live. NOTE: The Americas were scheduled to be finished by 2015. The plan can be accessed in Spanish and English.)

NACCOnce everyone has their ID CARD, they must have it everywhere they go. If you are caught without your card, the authorities can take you in for an interrogation. That’s why there is a common perimeter currently being put up around CANADA, MEXICO and the former United States. You can see this in the plan for Building a North American Community. It was put together by the Council on Foreign Relations.

George W. Bush signed off at a meeting in Waco, Texas on March 20, 2005. Bush wanted a controlled North America so the CEOs (led by WAL-MART’s CEO) could run the “Trading Region” of North America. (The leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States meet every year to plan about more integration and pass more legislation toward completing NORTH AMERICA. No. They don’t let you know what they are doing. They have a continental spying organization.

(I’ve been a victim for 8 years, endured destruction of my articles, even watching me produce articles from 2,000 miles away. They even destroyed some of my articles as I watched. I have endured this but I have finally found some help from congress, I hope.) Yes. Obviously, I am the most monitored person in the United States. I  am constantly monitored under a continental police and an integration of the North American military.) Did you say, Police State? A hint. Our government. The details are in a safe place and will be revealed at the right time.

That is how the plan, North America, is supposed to finish up. However, the tremendous amount of humanity pouring into North America, add in the drought that is here, which includes an 80 to 90 percent chance that it will cause horrific disasters lasting for many years, for the rest of this century. With the guarantee that we will run out of water, food, shelter and any other items, such as  air conditioners for the heat and drought, plus hundreds of millions of foreigners and citizens suffering as lawlessness rules large areas of North America. That is because corporations are out there trying to make the last sell when all around them, they remain oblivious to the planet earth going up in flames in the near future, at least our part of this rapidly falling apart, soon to be hell on earth.


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