The Day Fat Boys Ran Out Of Pork

As a result of overpopulation, America, too, will confront massive shortages of water, food and oil.A WARNING TO THE WORLD: This day is coming. It will take place. The “leaders” of the planet earth have only a slim chance of saving the world. The year of 2050 is the year that the earth will be deeply involved in the process of global disaster, a new, stronger threat that a major drought, not known since the Medieval Era, will already be deeply into a global disaster, lasting the rest of this century.

It was predicted. Everyone knew about it. The world of animals must be stopped from continuing production of all animals, but most people will ignore it. The end of animals as a food source will take place. The ban on pork and all meat will be ended. Even dogs. The choice is to run out of water or stop using the dwindling supplies of meat. Animals require massive amounts of water to grow the meat. Vegetables will prevail as food for humans, courtesy of your local veggies. However, the wealthy will find a way for the “elite”.

People will become thinner but agriculture, too, was running out of water because the increase of billions of people simply could no longer produce good land and it could no longer supply water for the world.

The governments of the world will be forced to ban all meat. After the last animals were finished, the only thing left would be that vegetable “product” that scientists have finally produced and would be used instead of meat.

It was inevitable since it was a choice of declining water and use up the last hogs, cattle, chicken, ducks, “horse” or use up all the rest of the water. It would not of happened if people had stopped making babies decades ago.

Now, even if everyone stopped producing more humans, the damage to our planet would still happen. To use a term from a horror movie, THE DAY THE WORLD RAN OUT OF EVERYTHING. It is happening in places and nations around the world. The rich nations are desperate and these wealthy nations are buying or leasing farmland in third world countries. They are bringing in armed soldiers to protect their new farmland in Africa and other third world countries.

With this overload of people and water shortages already a large problem, a future of massive food shortages on a large scale is a certainty. And of course, CO2 emissions continue to increase globally, insuring that the atmosphere will become deadly to people, animals and plants.


(The U.S. is turning to natural gas for power plants but selling their coal to foreign companies in Europe, India and China. The result is that CO2 levels are climbing higher worldwide.)

A lot of leased or bought land is utilized to grow plants to produce biofuels to run a nation’s vehicles. For example:

Thai house northeastern Thailand.“China secured the right to grow palm oil for biofuel on 2.8m (million) hectares of Congo, which would be the world’s largest palm-oil plantation. It is negotiating to grow biofuels on 2m hectares in Zambia, a country where Chinese farms are said to produce a quarter of the eggs sold in the capital, Lusaka.” And “1 million Chinese farmer laborers will be working in Africa this year…” (2009). These huge amounts of land could be used to grow instead of keeping vehicles running. Keeping the economy growing for corporate CEOs is, of course, much more important than feeding people.


Another huge problem is that we don’t have enough water to feed the world a diet high in meat protein. To stave off massive hunger and deaths, serious consideration is attempting to change the world to a vegetarian diet to essentially keep people alive but not thriving. This will be mandatory for everyone, except, those in secluded areas set aside for the elite. That will include CEOs. This would be for those who mismanaged and ran the earth into a disaster zone in the first place. Animals will be secured for a future planet with a much smaller population.

“Leading water scientists have issued one of the sternest warnings yet about global food supplies, saying that the world’s population may have to switch almost completely to a vegetarian diet over the next 40 years to avoid catastrophic shortages.”

“Land deals have been particularly damaging to food security, as around two-thirds of investors export what they grow or use land to cultivate crops for biofuels rather than for local consumption. More than half of global acquisitions are estimated to be used for biofuel crops rather than food. According to the report, land used to produce EU biofuels in 2008 could have been used to grow enough to feed 127 million people.”

There simply won’t be enough water to raise cattle and other stock to use for human consumption. The water situation could get so bad that humans won’t be able to have their meat protein. These changes will happen over the next 35 years. Now add to the scientists prediction that 90 percent of the seafood in our oceans will be gone by 2050 if no changes are made. Your survival now could be totally based on bountiful vegetable harvests globally and if there are no more droughts.

Speaking of a Megadrought. It’s just a couple of decades around the corner. It will stay another 50 years.

Despite the real danger of doing business as usual, corporations are still in business as usual and as usual the earth and its people will suffer. The citizens of this planet are not changing their eating habits at all.

Along with the coming food shortage, the auto dealers of earth have announced a plan to increase vehicles for the growing numbers of drivers (600 million drivers).

idx_photo_carlos-ghosnCarlos Ghosn of Nissan sees 2.9 billion cars in the world by 2050. The Washington Post says there will be 2.5 billion by 2050 (Aug. 4, 2014).  Notice this:

In only 35 years the world will have over 2 billion more people added to the earth, on a planet that it cannot maintain with enough food and water, especially in the United States. We have a major drought problem in the U.S., at the same time an earth that is heating up and yet, Carlos ignores the impending destruction of our planet. He is, along with others without a care, pouring gasoline on the fire around the world.

In China, autos are stuck on highways and cannot move for months. Food vendors all along the highway sell food and drinks day and night.


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