The Last Gringo is Back

almost-paradise-009-etFor those who liked The Last Gringo, a good section of past articles are coming from the same set and easy to access articles and photos, plus the news section on the right. There are 5 sections that cover Jun 11, 2010 to May 21, 2014. The site is located at the University of Texas, San Antonio. A number of professors and students opposed the Last Gringo but a contingent of professors and others? supported it. The good guys won some but the school did not allow a number of articles, etc. You can guess why.

You can access the Last Gringo and scroll down to the blue U.S.  “southern”  link and still get quality articles from the past. I have been monitored by a rarely known spy organization  (USNORTHCOM) that can- and has attacked all of my sites and damaged or deleted some of my reports.

This organization can locate your site, find it 2000 miles away and find your article inside the computer and delete it. This organization can and has done, all of the tasks it needs to accomplish the mission.

I have been spied on and had articles destroyed from 2008 to last week. I finally got relief from someone on high but don’t know how it will turn out.

I will give you more details that you should be aware of, including your computer, your telephone and your email. All of it is “monitored” and as I have a lot of excellent data from my former jobs and training, that makes me a target. However, help from on high may be about to arrive with reinforces, even if it’s temporary.

size0But hang around, the real good news will be coming soon if the bad guys don’t win. However, I feel that this will be just a blip on the way to the New World Order. I’m afraid so. And soldiers from Canada and Mexico have been training together with the Americans in order to carry out missions in the former United States. You may be interested in other info, coming soon.


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