President Obama Decided to Work Toward Opening the Borders with Mexico and Canada in 2010/2011

630-BorderPresident Obama decided to move forward toward opening the common borders between Mexico and the United States. Obama also agreed (2010/2011) to open the common borders between Canada and the United States. Obama has been busy since then opening up the borders between Mexico and the United States. Once all of the highways and border crossovers are finished on North America, all citizens can “live and work” anywhere on the Continent. (pp.27,28) Also see Obama Signature Creates “Continental Perimeter”. (That could take a decade or so.) This photo is just of only one crossing that Mexicans use when driving into the United States. Remember that President Obama gave a speech in Georgia in 2008 in which Americans must learn Spanish if you want a job in America.” he said that Americans must learn Spanish if you want a job in America. Well, that was an embarrassment for the President so they hid all of the reference to his speech and you can’t find it. But he did that speech and it cannot be destroyed. I highlighted the sentence anyway so readers can see what he said above.

021411jerry2However, before that is done, all citizens of Mexico, the United States and Canada must have a biometric ID card, which will be placed on data bases that will complete the registration for North America as well as the 34 nations of the Americas, a data base consisting of 800,000 people of the Americas, with personal information for all citizens of the Americas. The United States and Canada are reluctant to announce this project to their citizens. Remember, You must have an ID card on you or you can be ordered to have one.

Mexicas can use the North American Border Pass if they have a biometric ID card. No ID cards needed when the North American Perimeter is complete.
Mexicas can use the North American Border Pass if they have a biometric ID card. No ID cards needed when the North American Perimeter is complete.

So. As soon as all Mexicans have their biometric ID cards, all 130 million Mexicans can “LIVE AND WORK” anywhere in North America. That should take about 10 years. In the meantime, all Mexicans can let themselves into the United States with their purchase of a North American Border Pass. NOTE: All citizens of North America must have a biometric ID for the continent. Once all citizens of North America are declared legal with their biometric IDs, police will only check you for certain causes as you would normally act. But they know where you are if they want you.

All citizens of these regions will connect their data bases to complete a census of the world. This system can access anyone, anywhere. The Americas is complete, except Canada and the United States. All of the other nations of the Americas have been registered and have their biometric ID card on data bases. The deadline was 2015. This could be nasty.

Mexicans, though, will soon be able to work anywhere on the North American continent. The president of Mexico ordered all citizens of Mexico to have all their ID cards so they can live and work anywhere in North America.   It means, also, that the Indians (their original home), as mentioned above, will be able to “live and work” anywhere throughout North America (26,27.

6a00e55188bf7a8834011570198587970b-800wiOf course, now the indigenous people of North America will do just that. It means a boom for the CEOs of the U.S., Canada and Mexico, who have joined together to see which CEO becomes the first trillionaire. Meanwhile, the workers of North America will work hard for cheap labor. There will be a huge excess of labor in North America, the Americas and from other trading regions, such as the TPP.  There will be an excess of global labor, causing huge profits for CEOs with cheap labor.

These are videos of Mexicans revealing the deep hatred that they have for white Americans while living in America or just visiting there. Of course, most of America will be filled up with Mexicans and other Latinos from the Mississippi, west to California. Language used will be Spanish, according to a speech from President Obama in Georgia. That will not be a pleasant place to live as a Gringo.

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