362_bush_eveningspeechIf George W. Bush and Vice President Cheney did not win the election, there would be no 9/11, no Afghanistan, no attack on Iraq. In fact none of the three disasters would have taken place. But they did. And all that Bush wanted was to be seen as a commander-in-chief, winning a victory over Iraq. That is why George W. Bush wanted a victory over Saddam Hussein and have the historians write great stories about him, the leader of his army.

Vice Cheney was running (picked by H.W. Bush ) as the Vice President to help his son figure out how to figure this business of being a president. Vice President Cheney wanted to be in the situation where he can get the base contracts after they invade Iraq and Cheney could get the contracts at the army bases in Iraq. Cheney was there to show Bush Junior how to be a president. Both of them were there in order to accomplish their personal goals.

George W. Bush wanted to become a commander-in-chief in a large war and have the historians write histories about him. To do that Bush wanted to attack Iraq so he could accomplish that goal and receive his father’s accolades. A sick scenario but true.

George W. Bush is guilty of the murder of nearly 3,000 Americans on September 11, 2001 because of his actions and those of his associates named above.However, Bush and Cheney wanted to attack Iraq. To get there, Bush and Cheney needed an attack on America. The attack came from Bin Laden, who, on 9/11, attacked the twin towers, the Pentagon and crashed four hijacked aircraft and crashed them into the twin towers, the Pentagon, and one into the ground after brave Americans overpowered the terrorists and drove the plane into a field in a New York farm before it could crash into another government target, possibly the White House.

Bush had decided that he would “not track Bin Laden” but he would follow a strategic goal (another name for ignoring Bin Laden and being somewhere else when the terrorists attack so they can’t blame Bush). In fact, Bush ignored everything about Bin Laden and so did Condoleezza Rice, who turned down all pleas to have an emergency meeting with Bush’s  adviser. Even Richard Clarke tried another effort to reach the president but Bush refused all meetings and messages, as 9/11 moved toward America’s destiny. President Bush, shortly after 9/11, was invigorated by the fact that 9/11 made it possible to now invade Iraq.

At this point, you may be surprised that Bush was excited that he could now invade Iraq. Yes. You heard right. Except the  terrorists that attacked America (with the president’s complete support) wanted to attack America. But Bush didn’t care, as long as somebody attacked America and he would invade Iraq because that was where Iraq is. Yes. And he was president. Couldn’t anybody tell Bush that he was looney tunes?

The FBI and CIA had to tell the president that Iraq didn’t attack America, it was Bin Laden from Afghanistan. Even so, Bush had to argue angrily with all parties, before agreeing. Bush reluctantly agreed to invade Afghanistan. He ordered troops into Afghanistan, without the support of Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and George W. Bush. But Bush and Cheney continued to work hard to drop Afghanistan and make it to Iraq.

At that point someone should of asked about taking over the presidency but Cheney was on board with the president on all points. Both of them had similar goals to finish that could only happen if they attack Iraq. Their whole goal of the presidency was to invade Iraq so they could accomplish their goals. In the end, the president and vice president both received their wishes. It took three wars on three countries to achieve the goals of Bush and Cheney. A lot of innocent people were killed because of their personal goals.

osama460x276When Bush initially sent troops to Afghanistan,… he and Cheney were not enthused about being bogged down in Afghanistan and their chances of attacking Iraq were fading away. It was the pentagon against Bush and Cheney. Bin Laden was verified numerous times at Tora Bora in the 14,000 foot mountains. At one time Bin Laden was making out his will and testament at Tora Bora.

Bin Laden writes during the assault, December 14, concerned that the battle was lost said this:

“Allah bears witness that the love of jihad and death in the cause of Allah has dominated my life and the verses of the sword permeated every cell in my heart, ‘and fight the pagans all together as they fight you all together.’

Rumsfeld wanted to bomb Iraq although Al-Qaeda was operating out of Afghanistan. Months later, George Bush and Rumsfeld wanted to set Afghanistan aside and invade Iraq, without cause.dSecretary of Defense Rumsfeld and General Franks decided early to use foreign Pakistanis and local soldiers to block passages for escape into Pakistan but these soldiers were unreliable. All units verified on numerous occasions that Bin Laden was seen or heard in communications at Tora Bora.

But Bush, Rumsfeld and Franks, agreed that it was time to pull the plug so that Bush and Cheney could get this Iraqi invasion going, rather than “bringing Bin Laden back”, captured dead or alive. And that is what they did. And that is why we are stuck forever in Afghanistan, dragging along, unless our government is willing to stay in Afghanistan for ever. There is a hatred that someone could carry forever and that is this war. Muslims will never end whatever you call it. The Russians, the Americans, name it. The unbelievers in Afghanistan will never outlast jihad .

The Pentagon wanted to go ahead with another attack with massive highly qualified special combat teams but there was a fear by Bush and Cheney that they would miss out on this Iraqi invasion, so they opened the gates and the terrorists walked away to Pakistan, December 16, 2001.

1387104376611.cached“The decision not to deploy American forces to go after bin Laden or block his escape was made by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and his top commander Gen. Tommy Franks, the architects of the unconventional Afghan battle plan known as Operation Enduring Freedom (What was that?). Rumsfeld said at the time that he was concerned that too many U.S. troops in Afghanistan would create an anti-American backlash and fuel a widespread insurgency.”

No. But it did let Bin Laden and his soldiers walk away. Another crime by the Bush camp. Bin Laden and his terror group simply went home. Bin Laden and his men walked away through empty borders into Pakistan, exactly what Rumsfeld and Bush wanted. Iraq was all about pleasing Richard Cheney and George Bush. It didn’t matter how many men, women and children were killed.

The only worry was could Bush and Cheney get in on this Iraqi invasion in time to complete their personal goals. They did, and Bin Laden and his terrorists walked away from open borders and into freedom in Pakistan. With a large help from President Bush, Secretary Rumsfeld and General Franks.

Meanwhile, American forces were left to face more terrorists and the local Taliban. Bush could have destroyed these Bin Laden soldiers but their plans were still the same, get out of Afghanistan. On the contrary, the American forces and allies are still in Afghanistan, going on 15 years, with no end in sight, other than abandoning the mission, which is still looking for another way out, other than leaving the disaster with a lesson learned. That won’t happen. No lesson.

These commanders from the Bush group decided to let Bin Laden escape so Bush and Cheney could go on with their plan, which was to link up with other coalitions and say goodby to Afghanistan, leaving a smaller force in Afghanistan as Bin Laden and his group of terrorists walked away from Tora Bora.

Reversing the recent American military orthodoxy known as the Powell doctrine, the Afghan model emphasized minimizing the U.S. presence by relying on small, highly mobile teams of special operations troops and CIA paramilitary operatives working with the Afghan opposition.  Even when his own commanders and senior intelligence officials in Afghanistan and Washington argued for dispatching more U.S. troops, even though General Franks refused to deviate from the plan.”

But the Al Qaeda leader would live to fight another day. Fewer than 100 American commanders were on the scene with their Afghan allies and calls for reinforcements to launch an assault were rejected. Bush and Cheney began the process of  cutting back on troops and encouraged the terrorists to do also and go away into Pakistan.

(Bin Laden and soldiers were in Tora Bora almost the whole time, verified by his presence and his readiness to attack.) Despite experts in Washington who wanted a new, quick attack force to capture Bin Laden with a new team of special forces to take it to the caves. Rumsfeld and General Franks, however, decided to let Bin Laden and his terror group go away.

However, President George Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney did make their goals complete, after making some more havoc on the citizens of Iraq. The outcome of the dead and wounded, though, did pay a price.

President Bush did get to invade Iraq and he became his wish, which was to become a commander-in-chief in a war and have historians write books about his accomplishments. (There was certainly no reason for any of the wars, though. None at all.)

Meanwhile, his partner Vice President Cheney, achieved his goal of receiving the contracts for all of the bases in Iraq, after all the mess he had to go through. He was a success and became a wealthy billionaire by wrecking Iraq and killed many more innocent citizens.

child_amputated_arms-300x224Of course, these two leaders managed to kill a large number of civilians, soldiers and children. President Bush even let American citizens watch from their aircraft as they became part of the war in America. But there was no reason to let Bin Laden attack America. And in a sane world, George W. Bush, Richard Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld would be charged for crimes against humanity.

Is it possible to see if some agency could maybe remedy the situation. Somehow?

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