Obama continues to open borders with Mexico and Canada. End of America.

Bush, Martin & Fox Meet in Waco, TXFirst, Obama doesn’t have to open the borders between the United States and Mexico. That has already been done by President Bush, President Fox and Prime Minister Martin in Waco, Texas, March 23, 2005. All following presidents will be continuing the process of completing the common security perimeter around North America, plus the completion of opening the Mexican/U.S. borders and the Canadian/U.S. borders.

Mexico has already started making all citizens have an ID Card (beginning with children from 5 to 17 years of age). All nations in the Americas will have their ID cards on data bases, which will also be on all integrated databases for Mexico, Canada and the United States.

Of 34 nations of the Americas, only the United States and Canada still haven’t started their biometric ID cards, mainly because Americans and Canadians fear that we are moving toward a police state. Well. You would be correct. For North America, the word is USNORTHCOM.

I have been monitored on my websites since 2008 because of the vast amount of unpleasant information I have discovered.  I can use it for the “Bad Guys” (my sites have been damaged seriously because of my valuable articles). Until I got free, with help from a senator, recently, I had no help. I was having a bad time of it. Of course, they could have destroyed everything with a few signals. I witnessed their ability.

The Americas will be one of the regions interconnected under global governance. From then on everyone in the world will be registered and their location known.The organization that will know all about you will be part of an integrated global connection. The EU is already moving toward a data base of 600 million people. The goal is that all citizens will be on that data base of the Americas, with a population of over 800 million people. Once you are on it, you are there until your death. And if you don’t have an ID card, you don’t exist. So: You must have it. The 800 million citizens of the Americas will be monitored by data bases and anyone can be found quickly. And everyone will know your name, and where you are. Have an nice day.

President Obama jump started the process of Continental integration with agreements between Mexico and the U.S. in 2010 and with integration agreements between Canada and the United States in 2011.

The biggest goal currently in progress is a common security perimeter around North America. Listen up. The completion of this perimeter will make it possible for all citizens to be able to “live and work” anywhere in North America. You can find this on pages 27, 28 of Building a North American Community. All citizens will be North Americans. All Mexicans will be citizens of North America, including Mexicans, Canadians and Americans. There will no longer be illegal immigrants after the common perimeter is finished, and also the borders between the interior borders of Mexico and the United States and between the United States and Canada. That is why Obama doesn’t want to bother about illegals.

All citizens of Mexico will now be citizens of North America.

That is why President Obama is dragging his feet. It is because the borders between Mexico and the United States, and between Canada and the United States will soon be citizens of the continent of NORTH AMERICA. All persons living in North America will be now called “North Americans” on pages— 31,32. See links with Building a North American Community (above).

All inhabitants of the North American continent are citizens of North America. Once again, all Mexicans can now “live and work” anywhere in North America. No more United States. Must of the western part of the United States will be inhabited with native Mexicans and Spanish will be the language west of the Mississippi River. That is why President Obama reminds Americans that you need to learn Spanish. As in the European Union, you may use your own language.

obama-angry-150x150President Obama gave a speech in Georgia during his initial campaign where he told Americans that they need to learn Spanish if they wanted to get a job anywhere (in America-he really meant North America.) Does that give you any clue that Spanish will be the prime language over a large part of the United States since Mexicans will be able to live and work anywhere. Listen to Obama’s speech about Spanish.

Plans for governance in North America: A North American Inter-Parliamentary Group.There is currently no North American program. The Task Force recommends that the bilateral meeting occur every other year and the three North American partners form a trinational inter-parliamnetary group to meet in the alternating year. See the plans on pages 31, 32 for more details with the link above.

NOTE: This is a long article: Republicans and Democrats rush to finish North America and end the United States as a nation. CEOs and international laws will govern North America.

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