The Pope is right and so are the Thoughtful Thinkers of Earth. But the CEOS and Rulers always Win.

ac-kofi-annanThe Pope and thoughtful thinkers of our only home know what must be done, even at this late date in history, to save our planet from trashing it beyond saving. The problem is that those in charge always end up as rulers or CEOs. Unfortunately, these are the two groups that are always working hand-in-hand to control the earth. And in 1999 the United Nations (President Kofi Annan) and the CEOs of the world  agreed to run the earth. This plan is now underway. The United Nations will control laws and govern humans over the planet and the CEOs will decide how much wealth they can accumulate for themselves.

The best example I can give you is that of Bill Gates. He rented an ocean liner with a full crew for his family for a week or two. it cost him $5 million. Chump change. He does have about 80 billion? to throw around. So extravagance is OK. A lot of cheap labor does make it possible to make a lot of money. I wonder if the other CEOs of the world are in some kind of contest to see which CEO is the first one to reach one trillion dollars.

Well, this is now how the world stacks up. The participants, cheap labor, receive enough to  scrape by if they are lucky. There are no extra pleasures, just enough to have enough food to get by, no medical care, no vehicle, no extras.

NACCRemember, These CEOs make the rules now. The “leaders” from the former United States take orders from their CEOs.  Wal-Mart, Ford, GM, Whirlpool and others make up the 10 CEOs for the United States. Canada and Mexico also have their CEOs and all three meet annually to decide how to integrate the continent. These three Leaders of North America meet with their CEOs and take orders from these CEOs and sometimes members of congress and the cabinet take orders from CEOs. CEOs from all three nations meet to construct and maintain this new trading region. This will be what has been called in the past as the New World Order. Did anyone ask the citizens of their 3 nations for permission to destroy their 240 years of history?

0III0I1213963457-300x202_003The USNORTHCOM is the force that will have absolute control of every person living in North America. All military organizations from all three nations will become as a unit wherever it is needed. All ammunition for weapons are the same for North America. They will also confiscate all civilian guns, anywhere they find them. Every person in North America will be on data bases and can be found anywhere they may be.

This photo is a number of military forces from several South American countries training for USSOUTHCOM, the headquarters for defense of South America. The headquarters are located in Miami, Florida. The capital (or Secretariat) of the AMERICAS will also be in Miami. One reason is because Spanish is common there. Yes. That is true.

Civil_Assistance_Plan_14feb08_small-300x200This photo above of South American soldiers is made up of soldiers from a half dozen nations, training at Camp Bullard, Texas. There are a number of military bases also training in the U.S., together with Mexican and Canadian forces for possible military active duty in North America. One mission on the burner is confiscation of all civilian weapons and ammunition. All soldiers from Canada, Mexico and the united States will all use the same ammo. ( Generals of the American army and the Canadian army have agreed to invade each others nation if either one decides that the situation requires it.)

Note that all citizens of North America will have all their guns and ammunition confiscated by USNORTHCOM. All three previous nations will be able to work with other military operations. They have been training together since 2005. USNORTHCOM has the ability to find and seize any person quickly. They can utilize computers, email, telephone all at the same time from the same source.

Of course any website is wide open for USNORTHCOM. Any computer can be accessed completely from any information from your site instantly. But USNORTHCOM can also wipe out everything. They can destroy any data, photos, change data, etc. or even destroy your computer and a lifetime of knowledge that you may of had for 10 years.

Well. What role does the citizens of the United States do, then. They pretend to elect officials and the officials pretend to serve the public. There may be some connection between the officials some where at some time at a fund raising. It happens a lot.

U.S. President Obama delivers a live televised address to the nation on his plans for military action against the Islamic State, from the Cross Hall of the White House in WashingtonThe CEOs, however, are the ones who are now deconstructing their former nations and replacing them with Trading Regions. Again. The CEOs are in charge of NORTH AMERICA, the new name of this integration of Canada, Mexico and the United States of (former) America, The new name of this trading region is North America. There is no more United States of America. The Spanish language is now legal for this new “region”. Spanish will be a language of North America. See President Obama declare Spanish should be taught to American school children.

So the citizens of this North America, all inhabitants of the region, will be able to speak Spanish, or several other languages acceptable. According to the plan “Building a North American Community“, Spanish will now be taught in school. See pages 30 to 32.

Also see pages 8-12 for the integration of the police and military of North America.

We will no longer have a nation, instead we will have trading regions with a name. Our new name will be NORTH AMERICA.

If you don't have a unique identifying number, you can't make any transactions. Essentially, you don't exist.Oh. Yes. The CEOs of the former nations of Canada, Mexico and the former United States of America will now be called simply, North America. Did I mention that CEOs (like Bill Gates) will be operating the continent. They are the ones who built this new region. Where do you have your loyalty? Every person in North America must have a biometric ID card and your name and all of your information will be on databases. The 34 nations of the Americas will all have their biometric ID cards on data bases. As of now only the U.S. and Canada still have not started their ID program. Everyone must have them, The rest of the 34 nations of the Americas have completed their ID cards and databases in 2015. You can not work or function anywhere in North America without an ID card. And you must have it always. (This is a UN project.)

That is why you must comply with the region. You cannot function without your ID card. Everyone must have their card.

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