When The Day That Freedom of Speech Ends-So does Freedom

I would guess that just about every person in the United States thinks that we will always have our freedom of speech. But George W. Bush was working for the end of our freedom of speech in his term of office. It would go with the end of the right to have a Second Amendment, along with a few other of our freedoms.

I would also guess that all Americans still don’t know that Bush and other presidents are going to replace our First Amendment. Replacing the Second Amendment (right to own a gun) is also on the agenda. President Obama tried hard to repeal that during his term but failed. The last attempt will happen when North America is finished integrating the continent.

630-BorderYes. If you try you can see that the border between Mexico and the U.S. is making fast progress toward opening the common border. Some laws are also being changed to make the border between Canada and the U.S. open to the free flow of people between both countries.

The border throughout North America is opening up to free traffic throughout North America because no one wants to stop it or they simply don’t have any knowledge of what is going on and that is the integration of North America.

I guess that most Americans except members of Congress know but they agree with it so they are making it happen quietly, and before you know it, American citizens will wake up and say, What the hell just happened?

This is happening and no one is stopping it. This is a little of what you will experience, you could call it a big surprise.

ac-kofi-annan1999: That was the year that corporate CEOs around the world and Kofi Annan, President of the United Nations. agreed to construct “trading regions ” around the world and, in turn, the United States and all other nations would change their laws to match those of the UN.

Of course, CEOs of North America met with each other and produced a plan to construct a North American Community. The three leaders of North America, President Fox of Mexico, George W. Bush and Prime Minister Martin of Canada agreed to this trading region on March 23, 2005 in Waco, Texas.

NACCYes. The leaders don’t exactly say what is going to happen but the CEOs, led by the U.S. group of Wal-Mart, GM, Whirlpool, and Ford, have quietly all the time been going about the dissolution of the United States of America. In its place, the CEOs of  Canada, Mexico and the United States have put together legislation to complete a common perimeter around North America. Other legislation between Mexico and the United States -and between Canada and the United States, is even now working toward the complete opening of the common borders of North America. Citizens of North America, once all interior borders are operational, the citizens of North America can “live and work”  pp. 27-28, anywhere they wish in North America. That means 130 million Mexicans can work and live in the U.S., or live in Canada. Also a large amount of third world refugees will be allowed to live and work in North America. Yes. Cheap labor.

size0This plan for a North American Community has a system that will complete U.S. military integration with training from Mexico and Canada. Their schedule is currently operational at bases such as Camp Bullard, Texas and other bases throughout the United States. Integration is currently in progress and these troops will be able to operate throughout North America without problems. How will citizens of the former United States react to this extreme change to this “New World Order” as it moves toward wiping out the the old America for ever.

Citizens of North America, you might still not know that all three military organizations are in the process of integrating into one continental military force. All ammunition of the same caliber are also being issued to all military, police and other organizations of the three former nations. This integration of a military/police, intelligence organization will manage the complete data base covering all individuals of North America. This means military action by three different former nations is a possibility in the North American Community (pages 8-12).

Each person should understand that this security organization will cover all individuals of North America. Mexico has been placing children with Biometric ID cards for several years now. When they finish, adults will be lining up to have their Biometric IDs, followed by the rest.

North America will have an individual biometric ID card that you must carry with you everywhere you go. If you fail to have your card with you, you may be taken in for questioning. North America is also being integrating with all 34 nations of the Americas. All data bases will eventually be connected globally. It should be easy then to locate any person anywhere, once Canada, Mexico and the United States finish their biometric ID cards.

Here are a few items that you will find shocking. It’s in the book. Every president, starting with George W. Bush, then Barack Obama (the biggest cheerleader) assigned Hillary Clinton to work on the two projects, the North American Community and the Americas. Every president will work toward completing these projects.

Notice this. All presidents from now on will be on board toward the deconstruction of the United States of America. Keep this article. I guarantee all Americans that this is the one-way trip to the end of our American history.

Here are some of the nice items coming your way. Pay attention.

Each president has sworn to abolish the right to carry weapons since all trading regions of the world do not allow any other nation  to carry weapons.The last two presidents have tried to abolish the Second Amendment, our right to own and carry guns. There is a possibility that an army from Canada or Mexico may be used to confiscate all weapons.

irving4_100853a6Remember, the right to free speech, the First Amendment. However, the UN version right to speech is not free. It carries with the right to be arrested if you violate parts of the UN right to speech, which carries with it a list of caveats. These violations of speech carry with it punishments, including a heavy fine, or, you can be sentenced to prison for your speech. It could include 3 years in  prison (or higher) for your speech. A professor (Photo) was tried in an Austrian court for saying that “There was no Holocaust.” He was sentenced to 3 YEARS in prison just for saying that the Holocaust never happened.” That sentence could have been up to 10 years  for that crime.

This is what UN justice will be under the new justice system.

When the US becomes a member of North America it will become under the laws of the United Nations. Then Americans will find out the real meaning of sticker shock.

For everyone out there, you have no idea what is coming your way. This project for North America is what I call a hard time behind the wall. Don’t forget your Biometric ID card.  You will not be able to function without your card.

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