3. Islam Must Rule the World

Muhammad was fond of corporal punishments that made the victims have much pain and suffering. In the deeds of Muhammad, the “prophet” talked about the men he caught thieves stealing camels from him. He told his men to tie the thieves down and cut off their hands and feet, then he branded their eyes and watched them die slowly, without water until they died.

14075169061961_700This treatment was the norm for Muhammad and the reason why the “prophet” based his decisions on his life of treating others with cruelty. It was the way Muhammad thought and did. It is the reason today that Islam became the extreme cruelty that it is. Islam, the religion, is nothing more than the way Muhammad grew up and the reason Islam is known for its evil nature. (Gay Muslims are hanged on the cross and tortured horribly and killed. Gays in Iran simply¬† have mass hangings. I suppose that if hanging gays in public becomes legal, it could be a public attraction in America. After all, Islam is one of the great religions.)

And it is why Islam must be destroyed totally if the world is to have any chance of surviving in a growing planet with rapidly declining resources. There are several Islamic nations that would like to have Atomic bombs. And they will use them as soon as possible.

Currently the Islamic world is still torturing citizens for a number of reasons. Stoning is still a popular way to kill people for odd reasons, basically because Muhammad did so and he became the big chief over a large religion. After 1400 years of robbing and killing to gain wealth and spread the religion by force, Islam is slowly bringing in Sharia law to America.

A Somali man after being stoned to death for adultry. The good citizens participated in the execution. Muhammad also sentenced a young couple to be stoned to death for adultery. Hadiths, Volume 2, Book 23, Number 413 of the words and deeds of Muhammad. Sahih Al-Bukhari.But there seems to be no one is watching.  No God was a partner in this Islamic evil 1400 year old hell on earth. An illiterate who made up his religion on the spur of the moment, whatever he was thinking at the time, that was Muhammad. But there are people in America and Canada who want to bring Islam to North America. Some are in congress. For your benefit, please watch this stoning of a man who was guilty of adultery in Somalia.

Will the complete Islam be coming to America? It’s a religion, like Christianity? Right? Islam is saying that their religion should be worshiped just like the others.

441Islam has a number of ways that they get rid of those who are, let’s see, the term is Gay. This group are candidates for hanging. That is the only crime that one needs for hanging. I see that happens in Iran and other Islamic lands. Think of all of the entertainers, football players (a few), actually they are in every profession, men and women. Do you want hangings in every state because Muhammad said so?

Gays are tortured and killed on the cross in the public center. How would that look in Times Square? It would make a good attraction. That religion is just like other religions, with some differences. Since Islam is one of the world’s great religions, everyone should visit their religion. On some busy days in Iran, there are multi-hangings for the visitors.

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