Bush Guilty: Evidence Reveals President Responsible for Almost 3,000 Murders.

osama460x276We continue to publish true articles about our leaders as well as those who violate major criminal acts that must be redressed, no matter their status, especially the crimes of a horrific nature, reaching the level of crimes against humanity. We should first address the innocent victims of 9/11, who were exposed to terrorists in hijacked airliners. This situation was brought about because the leaders of our nation decided to ignore Bin Laden’s threat. They did so even though the threat was a clear and  present danger. Added to that the President failed to take action to that danger. So no action was taken.

My article concerning the Google ban on the article was expected, since it was done at the behest of George Bush. It was banned globally. My site was limited to this site and two other sites belonging to me. But Google banned it globally. NOTE. Two weeks later, My site was placed back after some official told the CEO that Google could not do that, the article was legal and the article was valid.

This article, however, is about the crimes committed by George W. Bush in America, in Afghanistan and in Iraq. Bush allowed 9/11 for a reason and that was to attack Iraq and blame Bin Laden. Bush thought that he could use 9/11 to justify his desire to attack Iraq but there was no connection so Bush had to invade Afghanistan. He then continued on to let Bin Laden and his men escape from Tora Bora to Pakistan on the advice of Secretary Rumsfeld.

Bush was clear now to join up with a coalition of nations to invade Iraq, although there was no cause for invading Iraq at all also.  That was exactly what Bush and Vice President Cheney wanted. Cheney got his concessions for the Iraq base construction and George W. Bush got his goal of becoming a Commander-in-chief in a major war and historians will write his story. True. It was all made up and no one noticed.

Yes. That is what Bush and Cheney wanted. All of that dying and killing in all three nations was so that Bush and Cheney could get their wishes. Cheney became another billionaire and Bush had historians write about his glorious book. And nobody blinked.

You could have replaced Bush with me and there would never have been a 9/11. There would have been no Afghanistan and there would be no invasion of Iraq. Vice President Richard Cheney would never have accrued the concessions to build and operate the bases in Iraq. And he would not become another billionaire. And George W. Bush would never have been the Commander-in-Chief and have his history written about as another war time president.

And remember, all those who were killed by Bush on 9/11, knowing, all the time that Bin Laden was having a free ride into America, courtesy of George W. Bush. The White House was also a likely target by a couple of hijacked airplanes but those planes were grounded, saving the White House. How would Bush explain that?

rumsfeld-bush-cheney31-320x239George W. Bush and Vice President Cheney only wanted their part of the war on Iraq. Their goals included only those listed above in Iraq. They just needed to find a way out and to break away from Afghanistan. And they did reach their goals, after Secretary of Defense told Bush to let Bin Laden escape. Bush followed his advice and soon Bush and Cheney found themselves in Iraq as part of a coalition, invading that country.

After Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld advised him, he let Bin Laden escape into Pakistan when he could of killed Bin Laden and his whole army in a span of 3 months. at the end of 2001. If Bush had destroyed Bin Laden then, we would not be in Afghanistan still 15 years later. American soldiers are still being maimed and killed because Bush had other personal goals to attend to in Iraq. Read the first paragraph for the reason that Vice President Cheney and President Bush wanted only to invade Iraq to achieve their goals. Their only goals were for their personal gains. All those men, women and children killed and wounded by Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were just a part of objectives to overcome to success.

(Bush was reading a children’s story (in classroom) to the class in Sarasota, Florida when he decided how to turn the “expected terror” into an invasion of Iraq. Bush and Cheney decided to attack Iraq by running for office and finding a way to do it. Bush thought it would be successful. That was to let the terrorists make it happen by doing nothing. And that is exactly what Bush did.)

article-2035503-006B50B300000258-411_964x1065Bush was overjoyed after Bin Laden blasted New York and the Pentagon while another plane was brought down in a farm after American passengers fought the terrorists, knowing they were going to die, too.  These passengers called home and told them that they would fight back, stopping another attack on America while Bush was overjoyed at what he had done to his own country. But they didn’t know it was the President who ordered the attack on New York…and his own official home, the White House.

(Of course, Bush didn’t know who was targeted but he didn’t care.) That, readers, is an evil man, a president overjoyed at the death of American citizens that he executed.)

Bush began his boycott of ordering all valuable info that pertained to Bin Laden, a deliberate black out of all information pertaining to terror attacks on America. You can say that Bush did put a blackout all the way to 9/11. That is premeditated mass murder. It made America defenseless since Bush put a blackout on all information on Bin Laden. Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld knew what the game plan was and all three were elated when 9/11 took place.

Condoleezza Rice had no idea what tacticss or plans al-Qaeda was making to attack America. She didn't know about terrorists using hijacked planes to attack buildings. She never heard of Bojinka, publicized in the first trial after the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1996. It was a plan to hijack 12 airliners over the Pacific and crash them into the ocean and buildings on the west coast. No one in the Bush administration was researching this most dangerous group.The following documents and all other intelligence was ignored by Bush so that he could say that he didn’t know it was going to happen. Condoleezza Rice was truly in a fog since Bush told her to also turn down all pleas for any emergency meetings by order of Bush. Bush’s security adviser, Richard Clarke, was turned down for emergency meetings by both Rice and Bush. So America was blind to any hint of attacks against America. The only possible reason was to let Bin Laden’s terrorists hijack the airliners and attack America. For any person of intelligence, anyone should have easily known that Bush was making our nation blind to terror attacks.

(For your information, I was a coordinator for the NSA on the Ho Chi Minh Trail, I went on missions against Russian special ops in the Marshall Islands and undercover tasks for government contractors.)

George Bush was determined to hide all evidence of a threat by Bin Laden, obviously so he would know nothing when the terrorists attacked:

Posted Sep. 11, 2012 by Brett Wilkins:

“New York Times reporter Kurt Eichenwald published an op-ed piece yesterday claiming that he has personally seen government documents not available to the general public which prove ‘significantly negligence” on the part of top Bush officials than previously disclosed.

“The August 6, 2001 classified memo titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US,” released by Bush in 2004 under pressure from the 9/11 Commission, is well-known. That memo warned that Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda operatives were preparing for ‘hijackings or other types of attacks” on targets in New York, Washington, DC and elsewhere.”


“But according to Eichenwald, presidential briefs preceding the infamous August 6 memo are more damming. He cites multiple “direct warnings to Mr. Bush about the possibility of a Qaeda attack” that began in the spring of 2001, including a June 22 daily brief warning of an “imminent” attack.”

(Which was ignored. President Bush was determined to see that the attack went through without any problems. He ignored every bit of info given to him. If he ignored the intelligence, Bush believed no one could pin the blame on him.

MORE FROM Brett Wilkins Sep 11, 2012:

“The CIA prepared an analysis that all but pleaded with the White House to accept that the danger from bin Laden was real,” Eichenwald writes.

“Yet even as more warnings poured in over the summer, the White House failed to act. According to Eichenwald, things got so bad that one CIA official suggested that staff request transfers so others would take the blame when the imminent attacks occurred.

iraq-war-dead-child“While Eichenwald’s details may be new, it has been a well-known, yet under reported fact that there were many glaring warnings of the 9/11 attacks in the year leading up to the tragedy. FAA officials knew in early 2001 that Hani Hanjour, the suicide pilot who crashed American Airlines 77 into the Pentagon, couldn’t fly or speak English well enough to be worthy of the commercial pilot’s license he already had.  The FBI had known for years that al-Qaeda terrorists were training at US flight schools; FBI agents Ken Williams and Colleen Rowley were nevertheless not taken seriously when they expressed alarm over terrorists enrolled in aviation schools who were only interested in learning mid-air maneuvers and not take-off and landing.” (Wars that were without any cause, manufactured by Bush and Cheney.)

Bush ignored all intelligence on Bin Laden that would have caused a concerned President to prepare against such an attack. But that was just the opposite that Bush wanted. He needed an attack on America so that he could get the green light to invade Iraq. Bush and Cheney wanted the go ahead to invade Iraq after 9/11, which had nothing at all to do with Bin Laden.

Richard Clarke had no luck getting a Security Council meeting on al-Qaeda until one week before 9/11.This shows you a president who had a good distance from being a person of sound mind, demanding the CIA, the FBI and his Adviser, Richard Clarke to give him the go ahead to invade Iraq. All three officials denied their approval to his invasion of Iraq because Iraq had nothing to do with Bin Laden. Bush didn’t care that Bin Laden had just killed almost 3,000 Americans and did massive damage to America but he only wanted to invade Iraq. The reasons given in the first paragraph above were the only reasons why Bush and Cheney wanted to invade Iraq. Nothing else. They dropped anything in order to accomplish their goal-and they got it. And a trail of death and sorrow meant nothing.

010_bojinka_map2050081722-8596Everything else was just clutter to sweep aside. Bush used Bin Laden in hopes that he could get approval to invade Iraq. Bush allowed Bin Laden to kill almost 3,000 Americans so he could invade Iraq. When he realized that Bin Laden was a washout, he dropped Bin Laden in Afghanistan. That’s why he and Cheney wound up in a coalition in an invasion of Iraq, which is the only place they wanted to be.

5753217Eventually Cheney and Bush both got their dreams fulfilled , leaving three nations devastated and many wounded and dead men, women and children. And American soldiers continue to die or become horribly disfigured so Bush and Cheney could follow their dreams. Note that Operation Bojinka above was evidence in court in a trial in New York. Bojinka was a plan (Bin Laden) to hijack a number of Airliners over the Pacific and crash them into buildings on the west coast of the United States. Condoleezza Rice never heard of it. Not surprised. She was there for her ability to not make any waves and to turn down all requests for an immediate meeting.

Question? Will Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld receive justice for their crimes against humanity?


[On September 12, 2001 Newsweek reported that a  “particularly urgent warning” may have been issued to “top Pentagon brass” on the night of September 10, causing some of them to cancel a planned flight. That same day, the National Security Agency (NSA) intercepted two encrypted communications; one said that “the big match” was scheduled for the next day, the other referred to 9/11 as “zero hour.” Due in part to a woeful dearth of Arabic linguists, these messages were not translated for two days.]

These links and videos below are valuable if you want to add more knowledge to your understanding of why it all happened and why it should have never happened. And the criminals in that White House should be punished for their Crimes Against Humanity.

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