Corporate CEOs and the United Nations are setting up a New World Order

A South American peasant has been registered and given a biometric ID card. His data and the data for all residents of the Americas will be on databases with all other databases, using a common language. Without registration and a biometric ID card with a unique identifier, you don't exist. Registration is a global project. In the New World Order, you cannot hide.. Kofi Annan of the United Nations and the World Trade Organization in 1999 agreed to control the planet. To make this plan work, all citizens of the world will be registered (true) and placed in data bases and connected so all inhabitants can be located wherever they live. In addition, all persons of the planet must have a biometric ID card and you must show it if needed. Failure to show your card to the authorities means a trip to the police station to clear up the situation.

Mexico started civil registration in 2011. Mexicans can use their ID card to qualify for a North American Border Pass. Any Mexican who wants to enter the United States can apply (and get) that pass with their ID and check themselves in at a kiosk similar to an ATM at the border port of entry. The pick up a receipt from a border guard and enter. When integration is complete and Obama's North American perimeter is finished, citizens of Mexico can travel anywhere on the continent and no one will ask for their ID card when crossing borders. Every person in North America will also have that access.In North America all citizens can be located anywhere on the continent. USNORTHCOM has the ability to accomplish that task wherever needed. Your computer, phone or email, can be accessed at the same time without you knowing. I was a victim by this spy system for 8 years (stopped in 2015) before I could find relief from a member of congress-immediately. It turned out that my monitoring and destruction of my sites was illegal. The bad guys (our military) will be the system that will follow every person on North America. When finished, the planet will be completed and everyone on earth can be accessed by the authorities.

The photo of the children above have been ordered by the President of Mexico to have all Mexican children registered and finished first, followed by the adult citizens to also have their ID cards, followed by visitors in Mexico. The citizens of the U.S. and Canada also have to register.  The citizens of North America must then have their ID info placed in data bases, along with everyone on the planet. I hope you readers understand exactly what is about to happen to your freedom.

The peasant and his family from the Andes have all been given biometric ID cards and they are now legally citizens of the Americas. The deadline was 2015. However, the United States and Canada have failed to meet their deadline. Yes. There will be a problem, and not too far down the road. So far, Canada and the United States haven’t done anything toward completing their biometric ID cards. I don’t think that most Americans even understand what biometric ID cards mean yet. But you will-you certainly will.

And the people still don’t understand that USNORTHCOM can monitor each person’s computer, your phone, and your email’s at the same time from a base at Peterson AFB, Colorado. I was monitored from May of 2008 to 2015 when I found help from a member of Congress and those 8 years of terror, knowing that they could have wiped out 10 years of effort. Everyone in the United States with a computer can be monitored 24 hours of the day.

I was number one on the list to be monitored. My site could have been destroyed and once I was even threatened. They? demanded that certain articles, including “USNORTHCOM: Staring Down the Barrel of the New World Order” for an example. The USNORTHCOM destroyed my large collection of sites on Google, “Ray Kania”. I gave in and destroyed all of the copies (except one which I kept hidden.) Minutes later, he began another search for me to start over again, looking for articles.

USNORTHCOM is a trilateral organization that includes military, government and civilian agencies from all three nations that will respond to any type of problem in North America. The United States will no longer be a single sovereign nation in the new world order.This photo is of officials from USNORTHCOM bringing equipment, troops, weapons and experts in order to complete a perimeter around Mexico and to open the common border between Mexico and the United States. These two nations will be integrated along with Canada. When all three nations have opened their borders and the common perimeter around North America is finished, all citizens of North America will be North Americans. All citizens can then live and work (pp. 27,28) anywhere on the continent. Spanish will be a legal language for North America. This site here.

Soldiers from throughout the southern part of the hemisphere practice combat scenarios for duty in the army of the south. USSOUTHCOM at Camp Bullis, Texas.All military forces from Canada, Mexico and the United States are training to integrate with other parts in order to blend in with all forces and units in order to maintain order throughout North America. To make this new continental military organization blend in, all guns used by the military of Canada, Mexico and the United States will all use the same ammunition and the same tactics. Any force for North America may be called up for rescue duty or combat. They must be ready at anytime to carry out the mission, whether it be Canadians, Mexicans or Americans. It could also be a mission to collect weapons and ammunition anywhere in North America from American citizens. That could be Canadians, Mexicans, Americans or a mix of forces. (Photo: A number of special forces are training at Camp Bullard, Texas for duty in USSOUTHCOM,)

Miami-Skyline-300x225All forces of the Americas are trained in a number of places including Camp Bullard, Texas or Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. Special troops train for duty in the southern section of the Americas. USSOUTHCOM is responsible for the southern area of the Americas. The headquarters of USSOUTHCOM is in Miami, Florida. Eventually, the Secretariat of the Americas (Capital) will be in Miami. (Jeb Bush, running for President, is pushing for the SECRETARIAT-CAPITAL of the AMERICAS in Florida.)

Miami was the choice because Spanish is common throughout Miami. English is a foreign language for many in the area. Representatives from the 34 nations of the Americas would transform Miami into an international city. Jeb Bush also speaks Spanish.

Remember. We are no longer in the United States of America anymore.


USNORTHCOM partners to conduct Homeland Defense and Civil Support operations within the assigned area of responsibility to defend, protect, and secure the United States and its interests.


The NORAD & USNORTHCOM Vision: With  our trusted partners, we will defend North America by outpacing all threats, maintaining faith with our people and supporting them in their times of greatest needs.

(Our “trusted partners” have always been Mexico and Canada since at least it was announced in 2008. The United States has been training with Mexico, and with Canada, to also step in when the situation develops and an integrated force is needed to secure the conflict or other situation.

Civil_Assistance_Plan_14feb08_small-300x200The military of the U.S. and Canada have signed an agreement in 2007. It would allow either Canadian soldiers to cross into the United States in an emergency or the opposite without permission, if the situation were to get out of hand. These are the two commanders who signed the agreement.

VISION: The NORAD and USNORTHCOM Vision: With our trusted partners (Canada and Mexico), we will defend North America by outpacing all threats, maintaining  faith with our people and supporting them in their times of greatest need.


*Expand and strengthen  our trusted partnerships.

*Advance and sustain capabilities in our core mission areas to outpace all threats. (See link above.)

size0This means that foreign military forces can be utilized by soldiers from Canada or from Mexico in case of emergencies. Military forces from all three nations are currently working to open the borders between Mexico and the United States- and the borders between Canada and the United States. All three military forces are currently changing ammunition in order to be able to have all three combat forces ready to engage combat easily with the enemy. So that can happen, training between the three armies are currently training together. (Mexican troops are training with American forces in a number of places.)

When the perimeter, now under way, is finished around North America, the borders between Mexico and the United States will be open to travel between both countries. Likewise, When the borders between Canada and Mexico are opened, North America will be complete. The only item left will be for all citizens of NORTH AMERICA to complete biometric ID cards for each citizen and to have an ID card on you everywhere you go. Mexico has a start, currently working on IDs for all children in Mexico, then adults, and others. The European Union is aiming for 500 million people with ID cards, necessary to conduct business anywhere. The Americas are aiming for 800 million ID cards on data bases. That includes Canada and the United States. When finished globally, only those who have the Biometric ID cards can do business.

A coincidence, but just check this out:

Revelation 13:17-“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”  (Just a note.)

Prof. Irving gave a speech on denying the Holocaust and received 3 years in prison. He could have gotten more. Any speech in the EU, true or false, can be prosecuted if a person has had his feelings hurt by the speech. by the speech.So far Canada and the United States have not done anything. There may be a surprise for those two nations. Will Americans bow down to the NEW WORLD ORDER? Remember the European Union is the example for laws that all regions of the world must obey. Here are two examples of current laws that George W. Bush would have changed. Note: Our number One Amendment, free speech would be changed. Your speech in the EU can now put you in prison for up to 3 years, just for your speech. Now the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms, will be abolished. Both Bush and Obama have tried that but failed. The professor in the photo was sent to prison simply because he said that “There was no holocaust.”

This is all going to happen because there is no one paying attention. Don’t forget to smile for your ID card.







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