ISLAM Must Rule the World

14075271111961_700Islam must rule the world. There will be no compromise. In America Muslims know that they will win America as they will in Europe. And we continue to welcome more Muslim immigrants. (Photo: training how to cut throats.) All the prisoners of war were beyond this picture. Seconds later they were all killed with machine guns.

“In America Omar M. Ahmed, founder of CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations, stated the END game clearly.”

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to dominate. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the only accepted religion on earth.” [San Ramon Valley Herald, July 4, 1988] This is the way it will be until Islam rules the earth.

We, as usual, welcome the forces of evil into our nation, ready to welcome them as they plan to destroy us from within. In the end, it will be surrender to Islam. In the end days, the Jews will be destroyed “when the trees and rocks” will point Jews out where ever they are and are killed and Islam will prevail.

According to Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

In 2013, There were nearly 12,000 terrorist attacks world-wide. The biggest share of violence was in Muslim-majority countries, and much of the violence were carried out by Muslims.

These criminal acts of violence are mostly about Muslims- the clerics, soldiers and Islamic terrorists who have committed a number of killings of non-Muslims globally and are currently planning attacks globally against those who will never become a member of Islam. And we in America will never adjust to the cruelty of Islam. To stop it, you must stop the flow of Muslims from coming to our shores and bringing Islamic “justice” to America.

I know, the flow of Muslims will never stop since our leaders are nothing but idiots. Remember, you were warned.

To help you understand the Muslims. On second thought, you can never understand evil. All you can do is watch and shake your head and wonder at the nature of evil at work. An example is the Saturday at the Afghanistan stadium where the fans are there to watch all the criminals be punished, buy some snack and a drink and watch justice in action. The punishment runs from a beating by a cane, or a thief could have an amputation of the one arm and the opposite leg.

Afghanistan stoning for adultery. The man is above ground and the woman was buried in a pit up to her chest and stoned to death. Is this what we are fighting for?Punishment of an adulterer carries from a beating up to death. Adultery of  both partners can also bring the death penalty. One or both “criminals” would be placed in separate holes in the ground up to the waist of rocks or dirt. Or the “criminal” would be set upon a blanket if it’s on the rock foundation.

Then all the good citizens of the neighborhood would pick up rocks and begin by throwing them at the “criminals” until their bloody head is dead. This would also be done in America when the Muslims take over. It’s a religious thing and the Afghanistan citizens take pride in their communal duty.

zarmina1-300x207There was a tiny woman being set down on the stadium ground with her veil over her head. As she set there waiting for her punishment, a man approached her and put an AK-47 to her head, then pulled the trigger for some minor infraction. The she fell over and they took her away. It’s a religious thing. Don’t you know.

There are a few other punishments for those who broke the law and we can show these so you can understand this religion better since the Muslims have declared many times that Islam will conquer the world. More information about Islam and punishment for future articles.

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