Number 2: ISLAM Must Rule the World

The fact is that Muhammad set up this bloody religion and quickly killed anyone who spoke up against him. He mentioned that these Jews in Medina ridiculed him, and in less than a day the Jewish critics were quickly killed. At the next few sermons, Muhammad praised the members of his flock for terminating his critics.

Muhammad always held court for those who committed crimes. He made the rules and passed down his decisions.

A teenage couple came before Muhammad and the couple said that the girl was pregnant. The “prophet” had them return later and he made his decision. The baby was given away and the girl and boy were placed in a hole. Then the faithful members began to pick up rocks and threw rocks at them and killed both of the teenagers.

It’s good when all the members of the Mosque come together and carry out the sentences as Muhammad ordered.

Muhammad’s religion grew as, somehow, the Jewish population seemed to continue to decline in number while Muhammad’s prospered. Muhammad’s continued killing of the members of caravans and attacking towns paid off in loot.

In one Jewish town,

“Muhammad collected another addition to his group of wives when the ‘prophet” began a policy of ethnic cleansing of Jews around Medina, Saudi Arabia. In April of 627, after the surrender of the Beni Quraida near Medina, the prophet had all of the men and boys of fighting age (about 900) beheaded. His campaign wiped out most of the Jews in the area. The women and children were taken as slaves and their property divided among the Muslim army. Muhammad took Rayhana bint Zayd, a beautiful Jewish woman, to add to his collection. Her brother, husband and father had just been beheaded by the prophet’s army of Allah.

This short history on Muhammad gives you an idea of how the prophet forced the world around him and how his religion grew to be a cruel, evil monster without a soul.

Much of the history of Muhammad and Muslims were those converts to Islam who were forced to become Muslims without a choice. They lost the wars. Now they have their sights on a global crime scene, with strict rules to live by and cruel rules to die by. Islam is nothing but a house of horror, waiting for a hero to arrive.

The women in Islam were not much more than laborers and as a sexual relief. Many of them were captured, such as his collection of the spoils of war.

Women were the workers for their husband and got their training through the words and deeds of Muhammad. There duty was to serve them. Here are some of the info that Muslim men receive when they  read the words and act on them with Women.

Muhammad and Women. These are from Muhammad:

“Women are your fields; go into your fields whence you please.” (Sura 2:223)

From Muhammad: Muhammad is reported as saying in one hadith that “…the majority of people in Hell are women.” He also said that he had not seen anyone more deficient in intelligence and religion than you (women).” (From Muhammad)

Sura (4:34) is one that will warm the hearts of women everywhere. “Good women are obedient… As for those from whom you fear disobedience, admonish them and send them to bed and beat them.”

To this day, the proper way to beat a woman is still a matter of concern in the Muslim world. Spain’s Muslim imam, Mohammed Kamal Mustafa, published a book in the year 2000 which included advice to men on the correct way to beat their wives.

A good Muslim should strike ‘…only the hands and feet, using a rod that is thin and light so that it does not leave behind scars or bruises on the body.”

The goal “…should be to cause psychological suffering and not to humiliate or physically abuse his wife.”

Another book, by Kemak Guran, says it’s alright to beat your wife as long as you “…do not strike the face and only beat them moderately.” (Really nice guys.)

Taliban-womenIt’s clear that the Muslim women are happy as they can be after hearing about caring and respect they always get from men. On some television stations in that region, there are television programs that have audiences that listen with their children on topics, such as how to beat your wife without leaving marks. Yes. I read that a number of times.

There are a number of moral police officers that can be found in a number of Islamic  places. This yahoo in the photo is there to keep women from showing too much skin or doing other horrible things. Yes. Islam is a joke in many places. But the torture is hell.

Women seem to catch a lot of pain and suffering from Islam without doing a thing. In Nigeria a woman is trying to save herself  from being stoned to death. Finally international pressure and others have intervened.

But a woman should not be stoned to death for having a baby. Of course, remember way back when Muhammad was making that same decision 1400 years ago in Medina, when he had the girl and boy stoned to death for the same reason.

Muhammad would be the least respected person on earth to judge anyone. Read his own history from those beginnings. And he wasn’t qualified to judge anyone or anything, other than hard time in solitary.

Today, at anytime, during his time on earth, Muhammad would only qualify for his execution or life in prison.




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