A Megadrought: WHAT NOW?

0014222d98500e31d88d0b-300x199There are a number of new factors that will continue to bring about a drought that could be worse than in the past. There are several reasons that will guarantee the upcoming mega drought will be worse than other droughts.

The reason: We are doing exactly the opposite of what we should be doing and that is to cut back drastically on “major greenhouse concentrations, including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.” These products “continued to rise during 2014…”

And the CEO of Nissan even announced in Barcelona that:

‘Today there are about 800 million vehicles on the roads. By 2050, that number is expected to more than triple to as many as 2.5 billion vehicles. That number of fossil fuel-burning engines on the road is not sustainable, if we want to mitigate the impact of climate change.”

630-BorderBut no one is listening about shortages of water, food, shelter, jobs, a harsh climate change and people are dying by the tens of millions around the world. (5 million people around the world are dying everyday from climate change.)

With a growing global population on earth that will add over 2.4 billion people by 2050, the pressure on the earth will continue as all of those new people will need homes, using up more water for agriculture, homes, manufacturing and plenty of other things.

All that water is not there now. It has been used up and there will not be any water to use in a lot of places. Since there will not be more water in many places in the United States, a lot of people will have to cut back. More likely, in a number of situations, people will do with out. Or they will take it.

border_deesPeople will lose their jobs. Of course many new people have also decided to live in the United States. Experts have said that around 140 million more “citizens” will set down somewhere in the west by 2050, then spread out to other parts of America. That means many of those new arrivals will wind up in the crowded parts of the eastern section of America. And they are in extreme distress. Many more people will be in dire straits as the water runs out across parts of America.

A sign of the future, from Texas and across America.We don’t have to allow them in. I know. But they are here anyway. The CEOs think they needed them at first, but we don’t need them now. Too many workers out of cheap jobs. But then a lot of people will be out of work in a nation without enough water and the climate has gone south and no one will be there to help you. For example, if water is in short supply or without any available water, food becomes scarce and agriculture fails and the future is a disaster, it’s time to find another place. It can reach that situation fast enough. But then 140 million more people will do nothing to help the situation, nothing but find another place to go.

Can you guess what will happen then?

That would never happen here? Would it? Yes. Every option is on the table. Desperation time.

Famiglietti on the apocalypse:

800px-Deerfire“When asked how a mega-drought, if it started today, would affect in the West,  Famiglietti said that public water, aquifers, agriculture, rangelands, wildlife and forests would all be at risk.  He added: “In California, we’re already in deep trouble. Imagine what the water situation will look like in 2075? Depleted groundwater, decimated agriculture,  irreparable damage to ecological habitat. Think apocalypse.”

He’s recently written about the water crisis in California, where he imagined the state as a “disaster movie waiting to happen.” After reading the new study, he told Quartz that it “presents a real doomsday scenario that I had been thinking about.”





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