ATTENTION Trump: You can’t build a wall. The Borders are Being Torn Down.

donald-trump-sean-hannity-hannity-2Once again, Mr.Trump, study this plan and you will understand that there are no WALLS in your future. Mexico and the U.S. are now planning and building more highways and crossovers from Mexico to the United States and back to Mexico. The purpose is to make it possible for all citizens of Mexico to cross over to the U.S. for shopping and working and the Americans will be crossing to Mexico for vacations and business etc. The same set up is taking place between Canada and the United States.

When the Canadian and American border is complete, the flow of traffic will increase North and South. The citizens of all three nations, including Mexico, will be open to travel throughout North America, find a job and live anywhere on the continent.

Mr. Trump. Every person in North America will then be able to go anywhere on the continent. There will be no border walls for Mexico, the U.S. or Canada. Mr. Trump, you will now be able to bring in cheap labor at a top level of $3.50 an hour to build a Cadillac. You will like that, I’m sure. You could be much better at whatever you are doing now. In the next 10 to 20 years, there will be no more United States and Spanish will be the language from Mississippi to California.

obama-angry-150x150You don’t know Spanish? You can’t work without knowing Spanish. And there are plenty of people moving in who can speak Spanish. But all you know is English? Listen to President Obama advising that every American should learn the language.

I know you already hire a large number of cheap labor but it will even get better. This idea of building a wall (2,000 miles??) is nonsense and you know that never will happen. In fact, the outer perimeter (including electronic devises) around North America is making excellent progress on the outer perimeter.

nafta_corridor_water_pipelinesIf you had been reading these plans by the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States, you would know that we are currently opening the whole continent. These three leaders meet at a summit every year with the CEOs and continue to construct this North American Community. All of this is being brought to you by the CEOs of America, Canada and Mexico. It is called, once again,  Building a North American Community. Read it. And you will see that you haven’t done your homework. (pages 1-32)

These are the super highway corridors across North America. Cargo is unloading at ports in Mexico (Pacific) and Mexican drivers will carry cargo throughout THE CONTINENT. American workers will lose a lot of jobs, because of many more cheap immigrants arriving to North America.

This is happening because our leaders and CEOs are pulling the strings for the benefits to Wal-Mart, Ford, Whirlpool (already moved their company to Mexico).

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