Flight MH370: A Case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome

MalayPilotDemocracyDead-300x217The flight of MH370 was doomed because the pilot was on a mission after his political leader was put in prison. The pilot wore his shirt which said, Democracy is Dead. And Zaharie Ahmad Shah, the pilot, was angered at China for trying to stop the growth of Islam and the complete ending of the religion in China. Fighting is increasing with the Chinese government.

The pilot decided before leaving for Beijing, he would bring the plane down into the ocean, killing a significant member of Chinese passengers at a single blow against China.

[Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, a father-of-three, was said to be a “fanatical” supporter of the country’s opposition leader Anwar Ibraham-jailed for homosexuality just hours before the jet disappeared.]

When the pilot took off, his mission was sealed.

The suspect and pilot of MH370 was a rabid Muslim and supporter of opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim. The pilot, Shah, a father-of-three, was said to be extremely disturbed when he took off for his flight to Beijing.

1. Investigators speak of his ‘obsessive’ support for opposition leader Anwar Ibraham.

2.  Police officers fear Ibrahim being jailed could have left Anwar upset.

3. The flight MH370 disappeared over the water with the pinging  shut off. (mine)

4. Malaysian Prime Minister said …that the plane was deliberately steered off course.

5. Officials revealed the plane could have transmitted a radar ‘ping’ from  the ground  (and) was still intact (but obviously shut off. My comment.)

This is the clue that reveals the pilot’s action when he decided to climb at a higher altitude. The pilot went high above the atmosphere. The evidence showed,

“….military radar showed the jet climbed to 45,000 ft.-above its service limit-which could have been a deliberate attempt to knock out the passengers and crew. (While the copilot, crew and passengers were all in a deep sleep, lacking oxygen.) Shah was alone in his descent into the ocean.

It was just another Sudden-Jihad-Syndrome terror act.

The “Sudden-Jihad-Syndrome” is now common when a Muslim decides that he must carry out some horrific crime to become a “good” Muslim- the more horrific, the better person he is as a Muslim. Daniel Pipes is the author of the term “Sudden-Jihad-Syndrome”

A couple of samples: Investor Business Daily (2/16/2007) published a list of ordinary Muslims who became jihadists after receiving a desire to kill Christians, Jews and non-believers. The goal is to bring about a world in which Islam is the only religion.

Remember Major Nidal Malik Hasan, an American Muslim, soldier and Psychiatrist, who killed and wounded 43 American soldiers at Fort Hood, Texas on 11/05/09 after he finally had his moment and committed his act of terror…”

0b0e1d890f601b24cc0346b6b5d9d065-620x413More good American Muslim terrorists can be found here. Understand that if you are a Muslim, all non-believers everywhere else are targets. If you are not a Muslim, you are a valid target. Most citizens cannot understand that a religion will praise a person for every time you kill, the better Muslim you become. To the point: A Muslim can strike you at anytime.  To kill an unbeliever is a good thing. Its like the Lotto. You don’t known when your number comes up. (Photo: MH370)

The investigators should know that the pilot, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, is the killer who crashed the plane into the ocean in order to kill as many Chinese on the plane as a way to strike at the Chinese and unbelievers at the same time.

I hope that everyone understands that all one and a half billion Muslims in the world have that same desire, that every person on earth should be a Muslim. How they get there, is up to them. If you fly, I would first check the pilots and crew before taking that flight, even though that is no guarantee.

This article from the dailymail covers a lot of information with photos and information.


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