HEY TRUMP: Mexico agreed to Integrate with the U.S. in 2005

donald-trump-sean-hannity-hannity-2Donald Trump doesn’t know anything about what is happening in the United States. The three nations of North America, President Bush, President Fox and Prime Minister Martin, met together in Waco, Texas on March 23, 2005 and agreed to construct a perimeter around North America. The three leaders signed this document.

This continent will belong to all citizens of North America. The “BORDERS” will also be open to all citizens of North America. Trump  knows nothing about the integration of North America and he can do nothing concerning illegal immigration. He is lost. He shouts out anything but there is no one to hear him.

Bush, Martin & Fox Meet in Waco, TXIn the meantime, all three nations have agreed to open the borders between Mexico and the United States, and the borders between Canada and the United States.  When all citizens of North America have a biometric ID card on a data base, then all citizens of North America can “live and work” anywhere on the continent. You can find this on the plan for Building a North American Community on pages 27, 28.

It is the plan for a North American Community. Every recent president, from George W. Bush and President Obama, democrat or republican, all candidates for president, they are all on board. Hillary Clinton is deeply in the integration of North America and the integration of the 34 nations of the Americas.

This agreement between Mexico and the United States will open the 2,000 miles of border for both nations. All Mexicans can “live and work” anywhere (including Canada). This date/03/2010.

This agreement between Canada and the United States opens the border for the free flow of people and commerce across the borders. All people living in North America can live and work anywhere in North America.

The first group of Mexicans eligible to move across the borders will be 25,000,000 children with their biometric ID card currently being finished soon. Next will be the rest of all Mexican adults and temporary visitors. (The United States and Canada are dragging their feet on biometric ID cards. We may be in for a surprise that you can’t refuse. It may get ugly.)

If Trump is against the integration of North America, ask him if he opposes the right of all citizens of North America to travel freely throughout North America and to work anywhere on the continent. See if he answers that question.

NACCSince George W. Bush and his partners of North America have started the integration of the continent, the leaders of the continent have been meeting each year, along with the CEOs, and 10 CEOs from each country. They  meet and decide the future of the continent and the ongoing  operations. The CEOs are in charge.

Some of the CEOs from the U.S. include Wal-Mart, Whirl Pool, Ford, and General Motors. This group (three nations) is responsible for what happens on the continent. The leaders of the three nations defer to the CEOs at the annual meetings. They make the rules for operating North America. Congress passes legislation given to them by the CEOs at the annual summit, through members of congress and certain cabinet appointments. Closed to the public.

All regional “trading regions”  ( North America) are managed by the CEOs and responsible for operations and development of the region. Laws for these trading regions are governed by International laws. The President is responsible for the integration of these international laws into the United States. George W. Bush and Barack Obama have both tried to pass laws that would delete some of our amendments to the Constitution. So far both presidents have tried an effort to abolish the Second Amendment but it was turned down.

irving4_100853a6Our First Amendment, your right of speech, is also on the chopping block when North America becomes integrated into a single union of North America. It will be the same right as the European Union. And that right means that your speech can cause you to be charged for a crime. If you say something that may offend you in some way, you can be charged in court with a crime. If you are charged with a crime and found guilty, you can be fined or sentenced to prison. This professor said in a speech that the Holocaust never happened. He was put in prison for 3 years after saying that.  The sentence could of been longer, according to the prosecutor.

This new EU free speech has a different change of words which means, Americans will no longer have free speech.  Wake up! We are no longer in America anymore.

Give this to Donald Trump if you see him, and don’t be telling people anything about the border without getting the facts before doing whatever that is you claim to be doing out there.

NOTE: Trump still says Mexico will pay for border wall. Will that be a 2,000 mile wall?


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