Planet Earth: Now on the Down Side

I have watched the earth as it is being destroyed along with a growing population everywhere. I have watched in Thailand, Pacific Islands (sinking now), Hong Kong, America. And the destruction is continuing. I can see the day when, essentially, the forests, the plant life and the animals have disappeared in many areas of the world. My home, Florida, is on a spree of destruction with a desire to bring in bulldozers and destroy any trees left for that Mall, of course, and attract more vehicles and more hostile foreigners The more people settle in Florida, without a plan, meaning a stop on home building, the worse the situation will become. It will become a nightmare.

I remember in August of 1984, on the coast of west Florida I left my camera at home as I was driving though Sugar Mill Woods. I saw an animal stopped in the road. I stopped and opened the door and stood there in the street. It was a rare Florida Panther, stopped in front of my car.

pantherWe looked at each other. The panther was a tan colored full grown cat. It had that long crook in its tail (inbreeding). It walked a few paces and looked up again. It wasn’t angry. Finally it crossed the road and down into a gully. It walked a few feet, looked back at me, then when on toward the wild areas of vegetation and animals, including bears, bobcats. I realized that big cat would soon be gone and I was witnessed to a once wild wilderness that would soon be destroyed with the expected 18 million more neighbors, adding a total of 32, 000,000 homeowners in the state of Florida. Not a good place to live, when all the resources and beauty of Florida disappear. And it will.

The wilderness, in a couple of decades, would be homes after homes, shopping malls, 7/11s, lack of water, dirty air, millions from Latin America, the language would be Spanish in a large part of Florida. Crime would explode even more than it is now.

Its common, of up to 2 or 3 cars on the interstates of Orlando shooting at each other as they barrel down the highways. Then the local television live feed for your 6:00 evening news will give you the casualties and types of weapons seized. One million illegal Latinos will continue to wreak havoc in the land of sunshine.

The first thing to go will be the water. It’s all ready happening. You may experience empty sink holes as your home and cars disappear below your former home. Remember, 18 million more people and no water. It will be a horrific mass of strangers and criminals on a spree with no love for anyone. Now there is already a high dirty atmosphere across the sunshine state.

whiteracistbacktoeurope_001The fact is we have too many people everywhere on the planet, with the results being that all these people moving into Florida, many foreigners have no way to support themselves, causing crime to rise and no one to stop it. If you say that you can’t, then that means the coming mass of future invaders will become more bold.

They have no attachment to the state, they become part of the crime scene, have no jobs, they are hostile to the natives and have no future anywhere in the U.S, except prison.

Latinos have a long memory, they remember the cruelty by the Spanish and then the British throughout the Americas and they will never forget that. However, the Latinos would like nothing better than for all their Latino brothers to take over a large piece of the United States, for a start.

One sign above from a California neighborhood is this: (WHITE RACISTS GO BACK TO EUROPE.) I can tell you this, the sentiment of Latinos in America, overall, is that they will never forget what happened for 500 years against the Indians. The current group of Latinos feel that they belong in North America and will continue to spread across the United States.

The leaders of Mexico, Canada, and the United States are currently in the process of integrating the different groups  of doing just that, on pages 27,28, of Building the North American Community. Examples: Since 2010 the nations of Mexico and the United States have been in the process of opening the 2,000 mile border with both nations.

At the same time, the border between Canada and the United States has been in the process of opening up since 2011. Eventually, the people in North America will be able to live and work anywhere on the continent. Will that region be one people, or split over history, culture and a deep hatred of the past.

Latinos from California (above) to Florida have shown the flag (not ours) and flew the flag of Mexico over government offices during demonstrations in the past. Their sentiments are not with the Americans. Their goal is to be the prominent group in North America. Spanish will be the prominent language from the Mississippi River to the west coast.

President Obama encourages Americans to learn Spanish because you will not get a job if you can not speak Spanish. Spanish, according to Obama, will be one of the languages of North America that will be accepted. Note: When North America finishes the integration of the continent, everyone on the continent can “live and work” anywhere, like it or not. All citizens of the continent will be called North Americans (p.32).

We’re not in America anymore.


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