THE NEW WORLD ORDER: Where is your ID?

PetersonAFBCO-HQ_recent USNORTHCOM Headquarters. It is located here in the beautiful Colorado mountains, where the North American Region, part of the New World Order, is in the process of integration of Canada, Mexico and the former United States.

When every person has a biometric ID card, then only people with those ID cards can buy and sale to others inside North America or get a job, or buy a house. Your name must be LOCATED on a data base, part of the integration of the 34 nations of the Americas. Eventually, all people of the world will be placed on a data base that is connected to the world.

IZKRBLAANMIf you don’t have an ID card, it means you can’t buy or sell anything because you also don’t have anything on a data base, but not for long. They will want to know why you don’t have a biometric ID card, or they stop you and find out that you don’t have a card. The authorities could bring you in to question you as to why you have no ID card. Your ID card is important because it most likely will have all your information from a courthouse and your history. Anytime you make a purchase it leaves another trail for the authorities. This makes it possible for places like USNORTHCOM to find out your last contact and helps to find anyone.


Carla Ahouzahr, Health Metrics Network:

“Once registered you have a legal entity. Without that, you can’t enforce any rights whether they are social or economic or indeed human rights. So the potential benefits for individuals are enormous. Unless you’re registered, you really are invisible as a person to the authorities in the eyes of the law and indeed to the government.”

And you can never hide from that force, ready to look, find and confront you, wherever you are. Golly? Sign me up.

However, life goes on. There are new kinds of crimes against citizens in the New World Order. I was able to attract a few with 4 websites myself:

One day I caught someone (around 2008) working from a huge corporation, deleting an article I was rewriting as I saw it disappear. The criminals discovered that I was aware of it and stopped their destruction of my article. I found out that the head of this huge corporation agreed to have his experts destroy 5 of my articles, 3 articles on George Bush and two more from another well-known middle east person. Both of those persons would have been breaking the law if caught. And the CEO of the organization would be guilty of his crimes if caught.

However, another CEO who replaced this one at this huge corporation, also got caught by me as I was writing another article a few years later. They seemed to want to get caught and end up a long time in prison for their crimes, except they were exempt from the authorities.

As a matter of fact, I can charge one person for the crime of attempting to destroy my articles and the same charge for a government agency. That article that the government agency didn’t want the citizens to see, was destroyed. But I saved a copy of the article and will publish it soon. The title is, USNORTHCOM: Staring Down the Barrel of the New World Order.

Years later, I discovered a “big government agency” had monitored all my articles, messages, phone and emails illegally, but they can do that in the (United States) New World Order. That agency would go into my website and change paragraphs and photos for my articles. I caught them once when they were rewriting an article of mine inside my computer. That’s the second time I captured another organization trying to destroy an article.

The reason why big time CEOs wanted to destroy my articles is because of the damaging information that their friends didn’t want exposed to the public. So I  backed up some of my articles for the same reason that a large government organization would do. My articles were saved and made it through without damage. One of my sites went back 13 years and it made it without damage.

When I discovered one of my articles was disappearing before my eyes, I connected to other news organizations working for that Global media organization and discovered that they were both being fired for writing negative stories about Muhammad.

As of now, all has been quiet but it may not be soon.

Mexico is making good progress on completing the biometric ID cards and the rest of Mexico will follow soon.

cedula_002_t352(All data bases for the Americas are completed, except the United States and Canada. Mexico is in the process of finishing 25 million biometric ID cards for children, followed by Mexican adults and visitors. What is still to come is the order for all Americans and Canadians to have their biometric ID cards. All ID cards must be carried by each person. The photo is of Mexican children about to receive their biometric ID cards.)

All citizens of these trading regions will be governed by United Nations laws. Some laws for the United States will be deleted or modified to conform with those of the UN.

All nations of the world will have the same standard for everyone, including the United States. Both Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama will try to change our 1st Amendment but not easily. Remember, the United Nations will be the law for the world. You will no longer have free speech.

irving4_100853a6The new  (UN) first amendment will make changes in our Freedom of Speech and it contains a long list of items that can cause you to be found guilty of your new speech. The crime of “speech” can cost you a monetary fine, or if the court declares you are guilty of a more serious speech crime, such as declaring that there was no Holocaust, the fine would escalate. The Austrian judge decided to give this professor 3 years in prison for his speech. He could have given the professor 10 years in prison for his speech. This will be part of your New World order. The professor above was released early because of his good behavior. If you think this is a joke, I would suggest you study some of the fines and prison sentences in the EU because we will be under that universal court.

Both George Bush and Barack Obama have tried to delete the second amendment, the right to have a gun, but it went nowhere. However, when the leaders of North America have completed the integration of North America, international law will prevail over the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Meanwhile, the armed forces of the three nations are currently training to work together for any emergency on the continent. They will be able to conduct combat missions or other types of missions throughout North America, or other types of emergency if the parties agree.

Mexicans learning to integrate with Americans and Canadians.
Mexicans learning to integrate with Americans and Canadians.

The three nations of North America: Canada, Mexico and the United States will be under different control and some laws will be different than those of the U.S. but the UN reigns supreme for the world. Toward that end, the three leaders of North America will support the continent. Those three nations have also agreed to integrate the militaries of Canada, Mexico and the United States. They are now training to help each other in case of disasters or combat, or in case gun owners of America refuse to turn in their guns and, essentially, decide to go to war against “North America”. The governments of North America will go to “war” to seize all guns owned by civilians of North America, including those of Mexico, the United States and Canada. Foreign forces have already been training to go to combat together if needed. They train at bases in such places as Ft. Bragg and Camp Bullard, Texas.

Civil_Assistance_Plan_14feb08_small-300x200The U.S. is already supplying the same caliber ammunition so that all three armies could fill in throughout North America if needed. Canada and the U.S. have (2007) also agreed that the military of Canada could invade the United States without asking permission if a Canadian general decided that the situation requires it.


I hope that many of you start paying attention to what is happening to our nation and our world. It will become a place that no one will want to live in. Of course, you will learn to look around before you say or do anything in the New World Order.






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