Planet Earth: Your Time Is Up.

And the merchants of the earth shall weep and mourn over her. For no man buys their merchandise anymore.

There are two forces who are competing for the future of earth, the scientists see the end of the world and the CEOs, who can only see the wealth being piled up in their banks and massive realty holdings.

An emaciated child in the Sudan (1993) moves slowly toward a food source while a vulture waits with anticipation. The girl finally makes it and Kevin Clark, the photographer who won a Pulitzer Prize for that image the next year, killed himself in 1994.There are those who still deny what has already been validated. The scientists have monitored and measured, for at least 40 years by experts and they consistently find that our planet is quickly becoming unfit for everyone, for all to see. These facts by experts and their predictions are coming to a point that we can now know that our planet is in a dire situation and action is needed now or become extinct, and quickly.

The scientists have already begun naming the creatures that have been labeled so far in this down hill run. This will be the sixth and last extinction of planet earth. This will be quick, as these things go. The goal now is who will be the last human alive on earth. A hint. It may be scientists in the coldest part of Canada or Alaska. And that will only be temporary.

naam-ice-05The”merchants” of the world have been lying to us (oil) about the amount of CO2, Methane  and other products they work with when they are looking for oil. The CO2 and methane are released in huge numbers. These large numbers of CO2, methane and others are causing the climate of the earth to increase the temperature of our planet quickly. Much of this is because the oil companies are releasing a huge amount of these chemicals from the Arctic, which releases large numbers of these climate changers that will destroy all life on earth. That includes all humanity. It will become a trash dump, unfit for any life.

With that, the world is about to add 2.4 billion more people to our planet earth in just 35 years. This planet is, right now, in the beginning of the extinction of its vegetation, its trees, its fish, the animals and yes, the extinction of humans. This unraveling will take place much quicker than the other extinctions. Humans do know more about destruction than animals.

Scientists from around the world have discovered that we must quickly bring down the rising heat levels on earth or everyone on board will die. However, Humans can’t seem to handle simple decision making.

The merchants ignored any problems with the use by their companies for “growing” their wealth and they lied about the dangers to burning these fuels. See link below.

As a result these fuels brought about a continuing rise in temperatures around the world, bringing about a threat to the health of humans and even to the agricultural health of food. As a result, this climate change has caused the annual deaths of 5 million people a year.

590x213_04101058_screen-shot-2012-04-10-at-6.56.19-amBut so far, governments of the world have not been serious about stopping the rise of global temperatures. We now know that we should speed up our efforts because these oil hunters and drillers are causing these lethal chemical elements to find their way to our atmosphere where they cause the world to heat up. If it continues, the temperature of our planet will bring about the end of our earth-and quickly. There seems to be no one in charge of stopping this mass suicide.

BoulderGlacierThe experts on climate change had to work quickly if they had any chance to try and bring the temperature of the planet down. The whole group of scientists understood that their time was running out. In fact, no one is doing anything but bringing in over 2 billion more people to add to this overcrowded mess. These 2.4 billion people should be in place by 2050.

Recently, though,the scientists have realized that hope will not make it happen, that they can not do anything to change the course we’re on. Yes. All of the scientists have resigned themselves to the course since those who rule the world are not interested.

However, these experts have chosen special times when they believe that our planet is about to complete the end time for our planet’s demise, and they have announced the time this could happen- and have announced the year. This large family of scientists understands that all is lost now and they are now closer to each other that the end is in sight. (Above: Glaciers around the world are losing their snow and ice.)

Scientists say that we are now in the sixth extinction event:

“Today’s current scientific and observable evidence strongly suggests  we are in the midst of the same process-only this time it is anthropogenic, and happening exponentially faster than even the Permian mass extinction did,”

“In fact, a recently published study in Science Advances states, unequivocally, that the planet has officially entered its sixth mass extinction event. The study shows that species are already being killed off at rates much faster than they were during in the other five extinction events, and warns ominously that humans could very likely be among the first wave of species to go extinct.”

We are now in the process of becoming extinct, quickly and without mercy.

“Truthout first interviewed Mcpherson in early 2014 and found that there were  more than 50 “self-reinforcing positive feedback loops triggered by human-caused climate disruption.”

“A self-reinforcing positive feedback loop is akin to a “vicious circle”: It accelerates the impacts of anthropogenic climate disruption (ACD). An example would be methane releases in the Arctic. Massive amounts of methane are currently locked in the permafrost, which is now melting rapidly. As the permafrost melts, methane,

-a greenhouse gas 100 times more potent than carbon dioxide on a short timescale

-is released into the atmosphere, warming it further, which in turn causes more permafrost to melt and so on.

As soon as this summer, we are likely to begin seeing periods of an ice-free Arctic. (Those periods will arrive by the summer of 2016.)

Once the summer ice begins melting away completely, even for short periods, methane releases will worsen dramatically. It won’t be pleasant. The whole world will know it.

Stay tuned.

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