The Arctic Ocean will launch Earth’s Sixth Extinction-Soon

Scientists have been studying the current and future of the coming MEGADROUGHT and it appears that this will be beyond what even scientists have projected, running from 2015 (already in place) all the way to 2099 in North America. If that happens, it will include the world, which is already being damaged in Africa and other places globally.

And the problem, too, is currently continuing to ramp up the danger of the CO2, Methane and others. Activity in the Arctic has always been a threat since oil exploration has caused an extreme threat to oil exploring, especially when ever dangerous methane breaks away in large quantities.

Global warming is felt most in the polar regions, particularly affecting the Arctic Ocean which is losing its sea ice fast. This, in combination with further feed backs, threatens to cause release of huge amounts and threatens to cause abrupt release of huge amounts of methane from the sea floor of the Arctic Ocean, resulting in runaway global warming.

That means a fast run up globally of methane releases, causing a quick climate change globally, threatening animals, people, and all other creatures and vegetation. The term is GAME OVER.

635779203048522986-AP-VANISHING-ICEThe scientists decided to begin the official count of planet earth since the numbers of species of creatures that were being officially declared extinct were mounting up quickly. So the scientists declared that all creatures can now concentrate on defining and counting the creatures of earth for the records. (Arctic Animals are no longer able to find food. All animals in the Arctic are running out of ice and running out of food. Large animals, such as Polar Bears, are becoming skinny and dying for loss of habitat. )

Of course, scientists were still at work counting and mounting creatures, even though that in a year or two, all life on earth may no longer exist.

arctic-blog480Recent examples include the June 19, 2015, paper in Science Advances: “We’re in the midst of the sixth great extinction. According to the abstract, the “sixth mass extinction is already under way.” The lead author, in an interview, said, “Life would take many millions of years to recover, and our species itself would likely disappear early on.”

This is the common view of scientists now.

“According to data from The Cryosphere Today, Arctic ice extent declined 340,000 square kilometers between June 17 and 18, 2015. Such an event was unprecedented.” We could be seeing a free Arctic ice for the first-and also, maybe for the last time.

This may also be the time that massive releases of CO2 and massive amounts of methane gas are thrown into the whole planet and overwhelm earth, destroying the first and only planet known to have people. This could happen in the summer of 2016.

It could also be the last time our solar system had humans.

NOTE; The leaders of our nation and the CEOs of the world are simply trying to amass as much personal wealth they can collect. Can they be that stupid?

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