Oh, and there we were all in one place.

A generation lost in space

With no one  left to start again

Don McLean.

2013_1226-5Ready or not, the die has been cast and this is the last run. Everyone seems to be in a frenzy to go nowhere. For those who measure things, our time is up and the good times are over.

The soothsayers are bringing us the news. Its the real news. This time there may not be a good ending. Those who have taken hold of the world are the global (CEOs) merchants in North America with their ever present  massive military, police and spy forces. All forces will be in place.

A problem has arose, I should say there are a number of serious problems relating to CO2, methane gas and other dangerous things when used too much or to quickly. It can destroy every thing on earth if these gases are allowed to release the methane from the Arctic where the oil fields are. There are plans to not do that. If such a situation happens and massive releases of methane gases are released quickly, the temperature of the earth will get very hot, very hot. And the game is over.

As Professor Wadhams explains in the video below: “We really have no choice except to seriously consider the use of geo-engineering.” Aug. 13, 2014. (When you have massive methane releases, you have runaway global warming.) And it means exactly that (global).

More news:

Arctic iceberg“The big danger is that, as the seabed warms up, methane will erupt from hydrates in sediments under the Arctic Ocean. The situation is dire and calls for comprehensive and effective action, as discussed at the Climate Plan blog.” There is a plan that is in the process at this time.

This is part of that plan to stop a potential runaway of methane gas and keep the earth still in play and the animals, too.

The western part of the United States has been undergoing a long drought as the heat and dry of the region has destroyed the crops with no hope of a turn around. And it appears that the drought may just keep on as the disaster appears to may just continue to 2050 and on. (my thoughts)

“For the southwestern U.S., I’m not optimistic about avoiding real megadroughts,” said Toby Ault, Cornell assistant professor of earth and atmospheric sciences and lead author of the paper.

Ault said that the West and Southwest must look for mitigation strategies to cope with looming long-drought scenarios. “This will be worse than anything seen during the last 2,000 years and would pose unprecedented challenges to water reserves in the region,” he said.

“Using supercomputers , Ault and other NASA researchers studied tree rings going back 1,000 years, and compared those records with soil moisture data from 17 different global climate models to peer into the future.”

When the water and food are gone, you don't add 200 million more people to your nation.
When the water and food are gone, you don’t add 200 million more people to your nation.

“Their conclusion? A drier world due to rising temperatures from human-induced climate change. By the end of the 21st century, the American Southwest and Great Plains are likely to experience longer and more severe droughts than at other time during the past 1,000 years, according to research published in February.”

That means, according to those facts, we might be in a serious drought for up to 85 years (my thoughts). That  would be a disaster for the whole region and up to 600 million people, since the three nations of North America are in the process of integrating the whole region. Not a good move.

This last paragraph are my thoughts only.

This is a look at the melting ice in the arctic and the future loss of it.

Feedbacks in the Arctic.





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