The President of the United States Should not be a Muslim

Islam was founded by Muhammad in Saudi Arabia, and he “grew” his religion across the world. According to Muhammad, Islam must rule the world. There will be no harmony with other religions, except that  Islam will be the only religion on earth..

“In America Omar M. Ahmad, founder of CAIR, Council on American-Islamic Relations, stated the END game clearly.”

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to dominate. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the only accepted religion on earth.” [San Ramon Valley, July 4, 1988] This is the way it will be until Islam rules the earth.

46927891.cachedThis treatment was the norm for Muhammad and the reason why the “prophet” based his decisions on his life of treating others with cruelty. It was the way Muhammad thought and did. It is the reason  today that Islam became the extreme cruelty that it is. Islam, the religion is nothing more than the way Muhammad grew up and the reason Islam is known for its evil nature. (Gay Muslims are hanged on the cross and tortured horribly and killed. Gays in Iran simply have mass hangings. I suppose that if hanging gays in public becomes legal, it could be a public attraction in America. After all, Islam is one of the great religions. Over 200 gay men were reported to have hanged over 200 gay men last year.

The fact is that Muhammad set up this bloody religion and quickly killed anyone who spoke up against him. He mentioned that these Jews in Medina ridiculed him, and in less than a day the Jewish critics were quickly killed, At the next few sermons, Muhammad praised the members of his flock for terminating his critics.

Muhammad always held court for those who committed crimes. He made the rules and passed them down to the followers.

files.phpA teenager couple came before Muhammad and the couple said that the girl was pregnant. The “prophet” had them return later and he made his decision. The baby was given away and the girl and boy were placed in a hole. Then the faithful members of the mosque began to pick up rocks and threw them and killed both of the teenagers. (Photo just for example.)

All faithful members of the Mosque always participate in these punishments. The members pick rocks up and through the rocks at the former teenagers, always aiming at their heads. (This current criminal was from Somalia. Death always wins.)

zarmina1-300x207If you like what you saw, this is just a sample of other quaint Islamic religious habits. This is exactly what you will see in America if Islam is allowed to flourish in America. Folks. This is real. This is what you will see if you let Muslims practice their whole religious systems. Yes. at a stadium in Afghanistan, you can see a little woman at the “football stadium”. They have snacks just like in our football stadium. They have other sports. It has different rules, though.

A little woman who was convicted of adultery was put out for the fans to see. A man carrying an AK-47, walked up to her head and pulled the trigger. There is a lot for  you to learn about Islam.

I will try and give everyone a short lesson in Islam. If you, as a Muslim, becomes president,this is what you would be taking for your hand on the Quran-and all it stands for.

You do realize, that the Muslims want to be able to practice every part of their religious.

I will bring more to the table. If you let a Muslim become the president, will he or her, sanction all of these quaint parts of  the Islam religion?


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