rumsfeld-bush-cheney31-320x239I decided to add a few more words about 9/11 and those who were guilty of the crime of mass murder on September 11, a crime against their own country. Cheney and Bush had decided to ignore all activity and let Bin Laden  make the first move and give Bush a reason to attack Iraq.

And the president was then thinking how to make it work for him, once the Pentagon was hit by a hijacked airliner. President Bush was planning, even while he read from a children’s story in a classroom in a school in Sarasota, Florida. I could see the president, thinking how he can make this the launching pad to invading Iraq. But Junior did not know that Iraq was not connected to Bin Laden.

When Bush got back from Florida, he still thought that Bin Laden was connected to Iraq. Yes. the president was an idiot also. Bush even tried to force the FBI to approve the invasion of Iraq. The CIA also turned down an irate President. However, he had to send troops to Afghanistan, without enthusiasm. He was only interested with Iraq.

Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld called up Bush and told him that he would miss the invasion of Iraq with the coalition troops. So he advised the president to let Bin Laden and his soldiers, who were on the mountains of Tora Bora, to escape to Pakistan in order for Bush and Vice President Cheney to get in on the invasion of Iraq. There was no cause for any war at all.

5753217This made it possible for Bush to achieve his goal, and that was to become a commander-in-chief during a war. Yes. That was his goal and he killed a lot of people so that he could get in on the invasion of Iraq. A note: There was no cause for an invasion or a war. Bush knew that. He knew that all those soldiers and civilians were dying and wounded without a cause.

Bush and Cheney did get in on the invasion of Iraq, where Bush became a commander-in-chief and Vice President Cheney got the military concession contracts at all of the military bases that were being built for Cheney to become a billionaire again.

Understand that both Cheney and Bush had these goals before they even thought of running for president and vice president. But it was worth it. Ask Bush and Cheney.

iraq-war-dead-childI know. Both of the two mass murderers got away with crimes against humanity. They could have won the battle at Tora Bora in just 3 months. But instead 15 years later, American soldiers are still being killed and horribly wounded in Afghanistan. And no one said a word.

NOTE: About 3,000 civilians were killed by Bin Laden and their partners Bush and Cheney, then let Bin Laden get away into Pakistan and a never ending war. Bush and Cheney got their wishes. Bush became a “commander-in-chief” so his daddy could be proud of him. Children were killed by Bush in 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq.

What about those brave passengers on that plane who decided to fight off the terrorists and aim that plane into the ground, possibly avoiding an attack on the White House, the Bush White House. They talked with their loved ones before deciding to fight off the Islamic terrorists and possibly much more.  But Bush and Cheney had personal goals. A hijacking here, a planned failure in Afghanistan, and finally, a false invasion of Iraq so that Bush and Cheney could get their personal goals.

What do you think about Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld now.

The first publication of these crimes against humanity.




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