When President Bush asked Google to delete articles I wrote about him

rumsfeld-bush-cheney31-320x239Former President Bush twice asked Google to delete articles I wrote about him, about his crimes against  humanity. I was the person who wrote those articles. That happened twice to Google, once by the first CEO and another time by a new article and a new CEO.

Bush asked the CEO of Google to delete those several articles. On the first time, experts were asked to delete them as I was reading those articles.

And as I  was reading one, the article was being deleted. I spoke out and the intruders stopped. I sent messages to two of the news companies for Google. They said that the CEO was firing them also because of the content of their negative stories, such as bad news about Muslims and Bush.

The first time, the electric goons failed and returned the message that they were attempting to finish. After that, I was clear of cyber attacks.  But a few years later, the new CEO was asked by George Bush to delete another new article about him in the spring of 2015. This time, Google did not waste any time.

This CEO banned me from planet earth. He did, however, let me have my website and two affiliates. So I was the lone website on earth. No one was there to tell the world what was happening. I thought that this was it.

But two weeks later, I discovered that my article on Bush’s part in the 9/11 crime was back and ready for examination of the world.  And that savior was a lawyer for Google who said that my article was clear and he gave my article a pass on it. And my site was immediately put back on earth. But my site doesn’t mean anything to most folks. But it did happen. There is more but I will stop there. Enough.

I still have my article about Bush. It still says that George W. Bush is guilty of 9/11.

I don’t understand why my article is clear on the facts about Bush and 9/11, and why he has not been put on trial for crimes against humanity. Yes. I know.

This is the site that has the evidence from a number of sources put together that can easily charge George W. Bush and Richard Cheney for the crimes against humanity, and treason for aiding the attacks on America.

This is the evidence that will easily show that Bush did plan and carry out the act of treason.



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