CLIMATE CHANGE: 2016 could be the Sixth and final Extinction of Earth

2013_1226-5I was talking to a barber in Florida who was declaring his “unique” knowledge of planet earth and he was telling me that there was no problem with the earth, no climate change, no threat to earth.

So he told me that there was no climate change and no temperature rise on our planet. He is a die hard nonbeliever and he reads those anti-climate change sites religiously. That group says that all of these scientists were not telling the truth. There was no climate threat, no threat at all.

NOTE: These groups deny everything, in that there are no problems and no climate change at all. Nothing is needed to be done.

As I said, the barber gets his info from those sites and that there is no problem, he thinks, and he only reads those sites where there is no mention about climate change seriously, and not reliable.

The barber said that all of those scientists don’t know anything at all about the weather, even though they have the highest of education and experience, with some having 40 years of up close of the Arctic Ocean and other areas.

This barber from Florida only goes to climate websites where he can praise these “other sites” , where the “truth is.”

I asked the barber, who then is responsible for taking care of the climate situation for the world if there are no scientists to get control of the climate. This barber said that there is no climate to be changed.

I said that who, then, would take care of any problem because of serious weather changes if you don’t have any one to address serious weather experts, like these weather experts that have been working diligently and no one else is doing anything. Who is taking care of these situations without any experts. I said who then are the ones who are taking care of the planet.

arctic-blog480The barber looked at me and said that “the CEOs are the ones who are taking care of the planet.” That’s a big part of the problem then, because the only efforts that corporations have done in the Arctic was to dig up oil fields, along with more CO2 and Methane.There is now a large amount of these two killers below the ocean ready to be launched into the atmosphere. Large amounts of Methane and C02 have been released into the Arctic.

Scientists know that now with no ice left in the Arctic to keep these gases below the water, these two gases will be able to have a free run around the earth, causing a jump up in the heat level, spreading around the planet and, ending it all.

This barber (and many more with out a clue) think, again, that the problems with that are not serious if any. He looked at me and said, “I saw a movie about 40 years ago on TV and there were huge ice blocks that were collapsing into the water. It happens all the time.”

And as this genius rattled on I thought. This is it. The End.

The scientists have already started counting and labeling plants, animals, flowers, seeds, insects, small and large animals. (Why??) This planet earth is the first time that the humans have lived on a planet in the Solar System. The CEOs of earth are so greedy they continue making pointless paper money, and they will continue the extinction of this planet in the Solar System.

BoulderGlacierThe animals of the first 5 time inhabitants of the planet were living on earth, and they were there, each time, for a long time before becoming extinct. But it took the brilliant (and greedy) humans to destroy all the humans, plus destroy everything in a few thousand years.

No one asked for the best scientists to work on a project and save the earth but no one was interested in that project.  Professor Wadham said no one came calling. The CEOs were not interested and there was no plan to save the earth. Soon enough, all of the glaciers and other sites around the world will be gone for ever and the climate will become considerately, desperately “hotter”. When the ice has disappeared, there is nothing to keep the earth’s cool temperatures in the water. It will disappear into the atmosphere and the casualty list around the world will rise dramatically without ending.

When the water and food are gone, you don't add 200 million more people to your nation.
When the water and food are gone, you don’t add 200 million more people to your nation.

There are predictions that 2.4 billion more people will be here by 2050. But that may never happen since a number of things will occur as the oceans will lose 90 percent of their fish, coral will be destroyed. There will be no water to feed the animals, crops will fail, harsh temperatures will cause deaths from climate change all around the world. NOTE: That 2.4 billion people may never happen if the spread of methane gas and CO2 from all across the former Arctic Ocean begins to spread across the earth, it will cause massive deaths from the spreading  gases across the globe.

Notice this: Everything, including water, food and shelter will be in short supplies. Those with guns and plenty of ammunition would have a great advantage in a world in chaos. But in the long run on earth, everyone will lose to a climate out of control.

Climate scientists say that the Arctic Ocean there could be completely ice free by 2016 (one year).

Scientists have concluded that the dangers to the humans of our planet are real and must be dealt with immediately.

Now “…if the record ongoing releases of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, thanks to the burning of fossil fuels, and aided and abetted by massive releases of methane, life as we humans have known it, might be at an end on this planet. They fear that we may be at-and over-a climate change precipice hair-raising quickly.”

Collected data and resources from experts on climate change have painted a picture of an immediate threat to life for humans and other life on Earth. The situation needs remedial action right now. Otherwise, the whole planet is at risk.

We, as humans, have never been here before.

My note: The threat is immediate but, unfortunately, there is no help for the planet Earth.

The facts are that there is absolutely no help coming to our planet. And there is no plan to save our earth.

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