Muhammad: A Threat to America and the World

46927891.cachedI’ve read a lot on Muhammad and how he became a leader of an army of cutthroats to gain wealth and property over a large part of that world. Now it has become a threat to a world that wants to bring torture, based on bringing fear of just your speech, and based on pain and death for minor infractions to the world. It will a place where women are there to serve men and to own as many women as they can support. It is on this planet that Muhammad launched his religion (Islam). PHOTO: GAY MEN HANGED FOR BEING GAY.

And our government ignores the despicable crimes that Muhammad, the leader of this evil creature from 1400 years ago, continues to deal out pain and suffering to Muslims and others who happen to be in the way of Islam. Islam has declared that it will rule the world.

“In America Omar M. Ahmad, founder of CAIR, Council on American-Islam Relations, stated the END game clearly.”

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to dominate. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the only accepted religion on earth.” [San Ramon Valley, July 4, 1988] This is the way it will be until Islam rules the world.

files.phpNOTE: See Top photo. Over 200 gay men were reported to have been hanged last year in Iran. When Islam rules America, a large number of Americans will be executed often for their speech, or criticism of Islam or the Quran, or Muhammad. Yes. This is the law in places like Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and other nice Islamic countries. You will see Americans being hanged or having their head cut off for “minor crimes”. PHOTO TO THE LEFT. Adulterer being stoned.

14075271111961_700Just think a little about a Muslim in the White House or simply just Muslims having the rights of their religion to have stoning of men and women for adultery. It’s common in Islam. (Islam-Somalia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, etc. and soon, maybe, someday in America.) PHOTO LEFT: ISIS SOLDIERS CUTTING OFF HEADS AND GUNNING DOWN ENEMIES.

Think of having a holiday in America to celebrate execution day. A day of execution for adultery, for speaking badly against the Quran, against the prophet. There will also be beheadings, cutting off of hands, feet, or one hand or leg, or both. I can see it.

All in New York on vacation. Times Square. Oh yes. If they could, they will. Their goal is to make Islam the only religion on earth. A world in which Islam terrorizes the earth.

Muslims should not be president. This would be the president’s ultimate conflict of his job, a president who is determined to make ISLAM the only force of a world Islamic government. That is the only goal for a Muslim in America. In Islam, there is no compromise.

Islam and democracy have nothing in common.


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