Scientists-Moving toward an End?

arctic-blog480There seems to be movement toward a world without Ice. And that is not good. Ice melting from mountains, ice melting in the Arctic and in Antarctica- is a recipe for a massive global rise in the sea level. Maybe 17 feet or more. (Arctic ice melting to zero by 2016.)

And no ice means that the climate change will continue upward to the atmosphere, bringing a temperature well past the level of heat for humans to be able to live in. But the greedy CEOs and the slow to understand will bring about a planet void of human presence. (Leaving, at most a group of scientists in the Antarctica.

Some politicians and CEOs are united against the effort to stop climate change, believing that the climate change threat doesn’t exist. But the bottom line is just that. Money talks. And it’s apparent that no significant action will be taken. Indeed, we can expect greenhouse gases to continue to climb, with all of its consequences.

florida-sea-level-rise-5-meters-17-feet.png.opt399x252o0,0s399x252And as the ice continues to melt from mountains around the world and now from places such as Antarctica, the ice from the Arctic Ocean is projected to be completely melted by the summer of 2016. That’s only one year away. Of course, without ice, the planet will become much hotter and many homes and towns will be flooded forever, completely wiped away. Many millions will be evacuated north from Florida, permanently.

The death poll of humans will be climbing as the earth’s temperature climbs around the world. Huge death tolls will become common and those desperate for shelter will search where ever they find it.

CO2mainnewsRemember, when the Arctic ice melts, the CO2 and, especially the huge methane deposits just below the water, are waiting to burst into the planet’s atmosphere, launching with it a temperature rise around the world, maybe destroying fish, animals, insects, plants, trees, food in the ground, and humans.

The number one scientist on climate change is Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University. He had 40 years to study the climate. He has been around the world, and has studied the Arctic area at the sites and has a complete understanding of the situation in the Arctic Ocean. He has ideas that could help solve the climate change but the leaders of nations, and more important, the CEOs, have decided to work on their portfolio, and do nothing.

Professor Wadhams says plainly “Our time is running out.” He says, to the point, that the leaders of the world and the CEOS have only done a little here (a token) but he says that we needed something like a Manhattan project which is really too late. We needed a comprehensive global project to make major changes but no one was interested.

He said that if we did that now it would already be too late, unless you had the best to work with and the resources to make it work but not as it should. (major damages and casualties would happen).

Wadhams said that the only person doing anything about this threat to the people of planet earth is the Pope.

Wadhams blamed the failure on the leaders of nations, the CEOs of the world. There was no global plan. He stated that it is already much too late to do anything. Except, perhaps a rapid plan put together for a year, something that might help.

Other than that, there never was a plan for saving the planet.

Another project could have been there but there wasn’t even anyone listening.

“The Arctic is warming faster than anywhere else on the planet,” climate change scientist James Hansen has said. “There are potential irreversible effects of melting the Arctic sea ice. If it begins to allow the Arctic to warm up, and warm the ocean floor, then we’ll begin to release methane hydrates. And if we let that happen, that is a potential tipping point that we don’t want to happen. If we burn all the fossil fuels then we certainly will cause the methane hydrates, eventually, to come out and cause several degrees more warming, and it’s not clear that civilization could survive that extreme climate change.”

All citizens of this planet, our time will be up in the summer of 2016, maybe. About one year or more, if that occurs.

Someone could have done something but no one asked or wanted. That is because no one was interested about saving the earth, I guess.

All that talent. They could have made a difference. We’ll see next year.


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