The Sixth Extinction of Earth is Being Counted Now

Scientists on earth are now counting all creatures that are dying on the earth. They are naming them and their makeup, habitats and their activities. The scientists decided to start this earlier since the creature’s of earth are currently becoming extinct much faster than expected and due to a large number of current deceased creatures. The current extinction of earth is now in business.

This is the earliest that a planet and its inhabitants have been studied and categorized due to a large number of creatures whose death was due to extinction of its category.

argentina-dinosaurs-attacking_8893_160x120Note that we humans are the only creatures on a planet that have taken over any planet in our solar system. Another fact is that the creatures on earth are the only planet that humans have taken over. Now consider that each of the previous 5 extinctions on earth had a long period there before humans appeared. We can then consider that the humans have a pitiful record of “playing together” and with other creatures on this planet, including ourselves. We as humans, are also in the midst of eliminating all human life on earth, in spite of a large brain.

Now humans have had a large impact on the earth itself. They have taken over control of all other creatures, having a generally huge damaging impact on themselves and the earth. There presence has now destroyed the earth so badly that all creatures on the planet are now in danger of becoming extinct.

Sea life is now in danger of all life in the waters of the world:

Picture3-300x170“If we continue at our present rate of CO2 emissions, then by the end of this century …extrapolating from this study, you’re looking at eliminating a third of the creatures in the ocean as a very rough estimate. And then as you… get closer and closer to [underwater gas vents] -so even beyond what we expect at the end of this century – if we sort of continue beyond that point, then you’re getting to a point where your oceans really start to look sort of like the underwater equivalent of a vacant lot.” The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History. Author Elizabeth Kolbert.

Basically Kolbert says that the two problems now, CO2 and acidified water are a huge problem around the world. “Researchers used new data on the rapidly warming arctic…” to update damage of future disappearing commercial fish stocks and other areas of catastrophes.

Brooks Hays, England, Sept. 21 (UPI)

“As previous research has shown, the arctic is caught in a vicious circle of climate change–one that will affect the climate as a whole, if allowed to continue.

The melting of Arctic sea and land ice will quickly raise the earth's temperature, bringing climate changes that will prove deadly to life. Conditions will remain for hundreds of years, causing the death of many species of plant and animal life, including humans.“As sea ice melts, the arctic tundra warms. And, as the tundra warms, methane-emitting microorganisms are excited. More methane means more global warming. And more global warming means more melting. And the cycle repeats.”

However, nothing good is essentially happening concerning the arctic. Oil companies are still digging for more oil, destroying places below where the water contains large numbers of CO2 and methane. Huge numbers of methane and CO2 can cause damage to the earth and its citizens globally. Large releases of these two deadly gases will bring about more warm water for fish and other creatures, NOT used to this warmer climate.

drought-bog_650x366-300x168_002And the sun will bring a much warmer temperature to the earth. Of course, many of the mountain glaciers around the world will eventually melt. That means that the whole planet will have no ice cover around the world at some point.

That could be bad for agriculture, when there are predicting 2.4 more billion people by 2050. Of course, we just might run out of water and food in a much warmer planet. The death toll by number per year is at 5 million caused by climate change. That number could rise much higher when over 2 billion people arrive on earth and there is no water and no food.

_77473646_2bf1801d-6be6-4ffa-a442-62000082d16cLarge groups around the planet will arm themselves and use deadly force on anyone challenging any groups for scarce supplies of water and food. No government will be able to handle that kind of violence when the food has run out. The governments are making contingents to deal with deadly force. Of course it won’t get any better. Less food, water, shelter.

It’s all downhill then. Think about it. Everyone could be an ISIS and giving no quarters to anyone. Think about this very thing going on in Europe right now. The world is now running down. We’ve destroyed our planet. And no one has any global plan to make it fixed. Having 2.4 billion more people on earth by 2050 is only going to make it that much more horrific.

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