Trump says George Bush responsible for 9/11


donald-trump-sean-hannity-hannity-2Folks, Trump was close when he said that Bush was responsible for 9/11. The fact is that Bush and Cheney were responsible for 9/11. And it was deliberate. Cheney was the brains. George W. Bush was just following the Vice President.

And Ex-President H.W. Bush chose Cheney to help his son make the right decisions and Cheney wanted to run for VP so that he could get the contracts for the bases when they invade Iraq. There was no reason to attack Iraq. But Bush and Cheney had other goals.

rumsfeld-bush-cheney31-320x239There was no reason to attack Iraq but the President and Vice President wanted those positions so they could accomplish their goals. Bush junior carried out the mission that the president needed to do for his goal. Bush ordered his crew to ignore all information about bin Laden and he did. Any intelligence about bin Laden was received and ignored. The Bush crew just moved along, waiting. Meanwhile, his adviser begged Bush to have critical meetings on the present threat against America. But Bush refused all critical meetings from his adviser.

bush-war-criminal-300x274(All the time Bush and Cheney were cheering for a hit on America so they could carry out their goals.) Cheney wanted the base contracts once they invaded Iraq and Bush wanted to become a Commander-in-Chief during a war (true). He actually said that to his first writer. Bush did get his chance to be what he wanted to be. And Vice President Cheney got the base contracts once the invasion was successful. And Cheney became a billionaire. And no one said a word.

All the good intel was received and ignored about the terror group. Condoleezaa Rice turned down a high level meeting about urgent info on a threat against America.

Condoleezza Rice had no idea what tacticss or plans al-Qaeda was making to attack America. She didn't know about terrorists using hijacked planes to attack buildings. She never heard of Bojinka, publicized in the first trial after the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1996. It was a plan to hijack 12 airliners over the Pacific and crash them into the ocean and buildings on the west coast. No one in the Bush administration was researching this most dangerous group.Later, Bush also turned down another critical threat against America shortly before the terror group attacked in September. (Rice didn’t have any idea what was going on. She had orders to turn down any critical meetings. Bush told her to ignore their adviser’s plea,)

Bush didn’t want to surprise the terrorists when they came calling. And the two evil doers got their rewards and all  they had to do was sit down, ignore the FBI and the CIA.

Richard Clarke had no luck getting a Security Council meeting on al-Qaeda until one week before 9/11.Bush and Cheney wanted their permission to attack Iraq right after the attack on America. However, Bush’s adviser, Richard Clarke, told him that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11. When Bush was finally forced to invade Afghanistan, he found himself bogged down at Tora Bora against bin Laden and a large experienced army.

So Secretary Rumsfeld called Bush and told him to just let bin Laden escape and all the terror groups were saved and they went into Pakistan. That made it possible for Bush and Cheney to hook up with the other forces and invade Iraq.

iraq-war-dead-childAnd Bush and Cheney got their prizes and left a long trail from the twin towers at 9/11, then fumbled around in Afghanistan, then invaded Iraq- which is all they wanted. Yet. They left a long casualty list of children, men, women and citizens from America, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

All of those killed and wounded in three nations were only there so that President Bush and VP Cheney could finally get those two goals in Iraq.

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