How I Cured my Deafness in 4 weeks

I know it sounds stupid, like on one of those advertises you see all the time. It’s true but it happened to me and I just decided to try something that I thought of after I had one of those times when I was flying on a trip. Do you remember when you were in that plane and you were changing altitude and how painful it was for a few seconds and you held your nose and blew outward. You could feel the relief when it happened.

This is how the idea came to me. I had just went to a ear, nose and throat doctor and the doctor said your have no hearing in your right ear. And this doctor said he can’t find any cause for it.

The doctor said that I guess I’ll just operate behind that ear and see what kind of stuff you have back there. The doctor was from Princeton but I wasn’t too amazed by his knowledge and I told him I would think about.  (Yeah sure)

So. When I got back home. Eureka! I knew it would work. And I didn’t know anything special. And if it didn’t work, my efforts wouldn’t hurt anyone, like that “doctor”.

I had called the Mayo Clinic to know if he had anything that could help like that. That told me they only had a couple of experiments  for that topic. It included  some kind of machine  that would pump Oxygen or something like that, perhaps just air into the cavities in that area of the ear with the problem.

So. I didn’t want to be an experiment and lose all my money to Mr. Mayo and I had a plan and a system that would help but do no harm to me and I went for it.

The system that I had was just to sit down and watch television for 4 minutes, holding all the air I could by pinching my nose and blow out for 4 minutes. I did this four times each day. After 2 days I could hear sounds faintly. This went on for one month. Each week my hearing got better every day. The secret was to hold the pressure for the 4 minutes.

I called the “”doctor”” up and I told him my deafness had gone, that my hearing was excellent and I told him of my discovery. I wanted my money back but since he went to Princeton that would only embarrass him more so I let it go.

So I made the mistake of writing about my discovery and that I could hear again. However, I wrote about my discovery and I put my good luck in my website,

The doctor heard about it and told all the other doctors in the county to turn me away in this part of Florida. That lasted a few days but the doctors were fighting over customers anyway so I didn’t have to go to Mexico or somewhere. I should have completed a patent for my system.

But anyone with a nose and fingers could do the same thing. But I was the first, you know.

This is a true story. You can use it free from me since you know how to do this anyway.

I told him that he should just forget about it. Really.


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