Keeping Islamic Terrorists out of America

14075168461961_700The plan to keep terrorists out of America is a failure because every Muslim is a candidate for becoming an Islamic fighter against the unbelievers and a path to a place in Heaven. The goal is to kill as many unbelievers as possible. Instead of trying to become a saintly-like person, the goal in Islam is to kill and torture as many  enemy as possible. Of course, it is much easier for Muslims to kill since the “good” in Islam is to be evil and cruel to the “enemy”.

(Above) ISIS soldiers are draining a woman by cutting open her throat. These new Muslims are even more evil than the old group who had brought cruelty to a new level. I think their skills in torture is beyond that of any known in history. ISIS solders have made evil beyond what Muhammad had done in his life. For getting to Hell these Muslims are guaranteed. I believe these new soldiers are guaranteed to dance around in Hell forever.

2014081646Like ISIS or IS, the more evil you are, the better chances you will be there, with a large Haram of babes. A bit like hanging out in a street filled with losers. The ISIS Muslims are closer toward Muhammad with his complete disregard for humans. His record for brutality and his complete lacking of humanity would be frightening if he had ruled the world with his control of modern weapons.

Yes. President Obama in Malaysia gave the leader a tough tongue-lashing (Not So) against ISIS. He should have done more for all Muslims who have ideas of becoming another Paris attacker. So what does he do?

Obama: “The administration had said it wanted the U.S. to accept at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in the next year.” This is a good hot place to pick up terrorists. Just say, Sure, I want to be an American. They are about to do just that. Got your AR-2 cleaned?

im-lovin-itThose Arabs can lie all day and say they want to be American today, American tomorrow. Muslims then lie their way, saying they will be good Americans, lying their way down the street, as they move on and open up with their AK-47 into a MacDonald’s, including the clown.

Muslims only loyalty is really to Islam.

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