PARIS: ISLAM: What Part Of EVIL Don’t You Understand?

The attack on Paris was just another Islamic attack on civilization. Unfortunately, history happened to be born at that time, when Muhammad, an Arab from the desert, a man with a serious problem, seizures that brought about a habit of evil thoughts. And he carried out his evil intentions on that part of Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Unfortunatly, his “religion”, based on attacking caravans, invading other countries, attacking Jewish towns in one town, ordering all 900 men and boys beheaded. He took all the properties, including the women and children.

In Medina, Saudi Arabia, Muhammad preached to his flock and ordered his critics among the Jews, to be assassinated. The next day, this “preacher” praised his hit men at the meeting of his flock.

From then on Muhammad preached a policy of killing all who opposed him. He had a cruel religion which  he used to kill members of those who swayed from his teachings. This became the norm after his death.

A Somali man after being stoned to death for adultry. The good citizens participated in the execution. Muhammad also sentenced a young couple to be stoned to death for adultery. Hadiths, Volume 2, Book 23, Number 413 of the words and deeds of Muhammad. Sahih Al-Bukhari.An example: When a teenage couple got pregnant, they came to Muhammad and asked what should they do. Muhammad told them to bring the baby to him when he was born. They did and Muhammad gave the baby to another person. He then told the flock to dig dirt holes at the meeting place. The boy and girl were put in the holes and dirt was covered on them up to their waists. (example in Somalia)

Then all of the members of the flock picked rocks up and threw at the young couple until they were covered with blood.

This was to be the way of Muhammad and everyone bowed down and the”prophet” and his followers spread the “religion” across the world, and that is the way it is being done now.

14075270681961_700That is the way Islam is being done now and was always. In Paris these are the followers of Muhammad. You must destroy evil or evil will destroy the world. That is the way of Muhammad. (A lesson to Paris and others.)

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