After going through 5 extinctions of long periods of time, the inhabitants of this earth will have only been here what could be called an exceptionally short period of time. The creatures of the first five inhabitants of our earth lasted for long periods of time while the present inhabitants, current “humans”, have only been here for 100,000 years. That is not long for a species, especially one with a large brain. able to develop a thriving civilization that could exist for a long period if they make the right decisions.  But that doesn’t appear to be happening at all. It seems to be just a very few humans who have become rich  and “powerful”, the most greedy and self-centered that have been successful, in the process of damaging or destroying our planet.  The most self-centered and greedy persons are the ones who drive to see who reaches the top of wealth and power, at any cost.



(TOP PHOTO: Boston armored police militia above, after the bombing in Boston, then the swat team carrying submachine guns went house to house and searched a neighborhood without a search warrant.)

(PHOTO:) North America: Mexico, Canada and the United States, are already integrating with all three nations since 2005. George W. Bush signed the agreement to integrate North America and has been constantly working to complete the agreement they signed on March 23, 2005 in Waco, Texas. Barack Obama has taking over the task of integrating North America.

NAFTA Transportation Super Corridors are here and under continuing construction. People and commerce will flow across the continent and America will cease to exist. USNORTHCOM won't be able to handle the widespread violence from the inflow of refugees and Mexicans fighting Americans for living space, food and water.The three leaders of North America have also continued to further integrate North America and open up all interior borders; between Mexico and the United States, and between the United States and Canada. The integration of North America means that the citizens of Mexico and Canada can live and work (p.27) in all three nations of North America.

When the three nations of North America have completed the integration of North America, vehicles, trucks, and trains will cross the continent without stopping. Mexico has a center in the middle of America for a center of commerce. Most of this is already working. Mexican truck drivers from Mexico, load up trucks from WAL-MART deep in Mexico and bring the goods across the United States with Mexican drivers.

(PHOTOS: Armies from all 32 nations of the Americas also train for duty throughout the southern area of the Americas. The 6 armies from the Americas (with flags) above are training for duty in the south. The southern part of the Americas is headquarters in Miami, Florida. (NOTE: The Secretariat for the 34 nations of the Americas WILL also be in Miami Florida.)

The three armies of North America and all other agencies are currently working together so all three nations will be integrated and train together. All three armies are now training together in Ft. Bragg, Camp Bullard, Texas and other sites. All biometric ID cards for the Americas are complete except for Canada and the United States. Mexico is working on their biometric ID cards now.

When you don’t have your biometric ID card, you don’t exist. If you do not have your card, the police can and will find you. You will have a card. And they have your data and your last connection-just in case.


USNORTHCOM can and will monitor your computer, telephone and email illegally. I was a victim until a few months ago and was saved by a senator. This means that all citizens of North America will be monitored 24 hours a day and all citizens will have their complete information in their data bases accessed from all sectors of the continent, including  (banks, stores, etc.) in Colorado, Peterson AFB.

Photo of soldiers from 6 nations above are training at Camp Bullard also as part of the integration of the 34 nations of the Americas. USNORTHCOM is responsible for this part of the Americas (the United States, Canada, and Mexico) and is located at Peterson AFB, Colorado. The Secretariat of the Americas (all 34 nations ) will be headquartered in Miami once everything is complete.

NoradNorthcom-PrudentialCSUSNORTHCOM will also be monitoring everyone in North America (all three nations) from Colorado. BE CAREFUL Everything you say can be monitored through your computer. I am an expert on that and I have had threats sent to me directly through my computer.

A monitor even listened to a conversation between me and a GO DADDY tech. The USNORTHCOM monitor accidentally yelled out to me and said “I changed your password so you couldn’t get in to access your website.

Then the GO Daddy person yelled out, “You can’t do that to our company.” The monitor said, OOPS! and dropped off the line, all the time the tech forgot that the GO DADDY rep. was talking to me on the phone to GO DADDY also. So I just want to let everyone know in the United States that you are INDEED!, an easy victim for everyone with a computer. You can be monitored at anytime. Not only that. USNORTHCOM can access all of your information and can use them anytime they wish. Use caution with your computer.

I was finally free of USNORTHCOM after I contacted a senator around March of this year and within minutes USNORTHCOM was contacted and the senator told them to cease the illegal activity aimed at me immediately. And it was done-immediately. And I was free. (End of story)


What we got are a mix of groups that stumble through the centuries, not having a consensus in a mix of nations, languages, religions, self-centered wealthy, dictators and a world in turmoil. Thus what we are getting now is our earth heading for what has already been designated as officially the 6th extinction of planet earth. And there is no way to stop this.

Listen closely. We are officially doing nothing of importance toward saving the earth and its people. That is because the only people in charge are CEOs and Heads of nations.

As a fact, the best scientists or governments have not done anything to stop this disaster, mainly because no governments or scientists have stepped up to make a comprehensive plan and implement it. Nothing but patches here and there as the ice is melting around the world.

Some scientists have silently already declared earth dead. They are now making the best of their remaining times with families more often. It does appear that the one with the most wealth will be the winner. Dead, of course, when all the wealthy ones die. Still. No one slowing down CO2 and other contaminated oceans, climate, atmosphere. We are on a short lease now.


A Global Example: 2.5 Billion More Vehicles on Earth. Can you say CO2?

idx_photo_carlos-ghosnYes. The CEO of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, said that there will be (at least) 2.5 billion more vehicles on the road. Most will be gasoline powered. Can you say-CO2, methane , etc.?

Now listen to this: Barcelona, Carlos Ghosn:

“Today there are about 600 million vehicles on the roads. By 2050 that number is expected to more than triple to as many as 2.5 billion. That number of fossil-burning engines on the road is not sustainable if we want to mitigate the impact of climate change.” March 11, 2015.


Ghosen even admitted that the CO2 levels would go up from all those CO2 automobiles that are planned. The fact is that CO2 is going strong on planet earth. Can you say climate change?

More bad news  for the future from the executive of the Convention on Biological  Diversity. Ahmad Djoghlaf recently observed ” Climate Change has become one of the greatest drivers of biodiversity loss.” (Working toward a world without animals and vegetation.)

But Carlos Ghosn did not blink once when he announced that auto workers will built 2.5 billion more vehicles by 2050, a date when all resources will be collapsing globally.


There are no global comprehensive plans to stop the CO2 rise on earth but no one is listening.


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