The Final Days: Changes are on the Move Now




(Photo #1 first photo) All things must come to an end and a case can be made that this century will see the final days of what it means as we try to justify our reason for existence in a world spinning out of control. Essentially, the trend is clearly a world in which there is nothing left to believe in and the word that keeps drifting into your head is survival. How will human behavior change when the world is at a point where there is no room for kindness, charity and respect for our fellow human beings, when the world is crumbling before our eyes and all we see are those strangers in a strange land. (CO2 and methane has been leaking into the atmosphere and has been monitored.)

(See this, #2, second photo) This has happened before since the ice began to melt seriously. The monitors, CO2 and methane, perched below the Arctic water, has been monitoring the flow out into the atmosphere, from its perch below the water. This could become our end of time. NASA’s James Hansen has said, if the methane hydrates begin to release these deadly amounts of CO2 and Methane gases into the atmosphere, and we let it happen-that is a potential tipping point that we don’t want to happen.

NOTICE THIS: If we burn all the fossil fuels, then we certainly will cause the methane hydrates, eventually, to come out and cause several degrees more warming, and it’s not clear that civilization could survive that extreme climate change.” [We are on thin ice, literally.]

For you who are interested, our lives are still here because no movement below the water of the Arctic is only because there has been no major leak.  Once that happens, our earth will be in serious trouble for everyone on earth.

arctic-blog480Scientists have projected that the Arctic Ocean could disappear by next summer (2016) or the next. It will refreeze to a point and return the next year-or maybe not, or never. The next event that could happen will be the sun, if it begins to heat up the earth’s huge collection of CO2 and methane gas that is stored under the Arctic ice could be RELEASED.

Once the Arctic water heats and the ice melts and begins to release in huge amounts, the world will become much warmer (or hotter), the temperature of the planet will rise significantly and the death toll could rise globally. There will be a large amount of casualties, both humans and other creatures. All life, due to a global meltdown of heat making life impossible to live on the planet.

(The annual death count already for each year caused by climate change is about 5 million.) If that worst scenario happens to earth, the death numbers globally will continue to rise by much larger numbers. That would be a total end game. Life on earth ends.

If so, the world’s temperature can rise and the sun can penetrate below, causing the earth and the water to rise. And the former ice-covered water will cause the sun to make the water and the temperature of the world warmer. And all of that spells disaster for planet earth.

florida-sea-level-rise-5-meters-17-feet.png.opt399x252o0,0s399x252The Antarctic ice is also melting in large chunks. (Antarctic ice covers a large area and situations there can vary but the ice area does show huge collapses of ice when it does.) All of this means that the earth’s water level is going to rise all around the world if significant water rises globally. Many millions of people around the world will have to move in or on hilly land. A good chunk of Florida will be under water. That is a given. (That could be up to 12 million people from the sunshine state depending when it happens. This could also include more than a billion people globally once the water rises.)

150820174457-01-week-in-photos-0820-restricted-large-169However, current upheavals in the Middle East and North African countries have taken place, in part, by shortages of food and money to buy it. This will only get worse, no matter what the global economy is like.

There will be significant shortages of food and water globally as we head for 2050 and we add another 2.5 billion people , causing massive movements of refugees to places that did have those resources, but they will soon be gone.

muslim_demonstration003Then you will see a real disorder that will inundate Europe, destroying the host countries. Civility will be absent in this new world disorder. When the shortages of water, food, and shelter are gone, the world will be on the move. You will notice all that, plus the disintegration of the global climate change for the worst. And there will be no salvation for humanity. Simply this, there will be no agencies that can help you.

The population of Europe will be inundated with the whole population from a Europe in a land of terror. Can you say ISLAM. You will. And soon.

This story ends in chaos and a world without a future. The future will be based on relatives, race and how many guns and how much ammunition your group has and if you have a good location, such as Montana of in Canada. Evidence has shown us that our government cannot protect us. (That’s only for North America.)

Otherwise. It looks bleak when all we are doing now is importing potential Islamic terrorists. All this is based on future scenarios from the past and the history of Islam. And it seems that it will be on the downside, all the way. No one wants to fix anything or call Islam what it is, a religion based on an evil man who would be executed anywhere on earth for his crimes against humanity.

I know. There is a large amount of money supposed to be set up for something like  ($18 trillion) but is it doing anything or just considering projects there to protect the companies CEOs.

NOTE: The top scientists have stopped any plans for the world. One scientist says that it’s too late. This group is no longer involved with saving the planet. They have decided to consider their families, knowing that this scenario is the only one left. And so is the world.

The number one scientist on climate change is Peter Wadhams of Cambridge University. He had 40 years to study the climate. He has been around the world, and has studied the Arctic area at the sites and has a complete understanding of the situation in the Arctic Ocean. He has ideas that could help solve the climate change but the leaders of nations, and more important, the CEOs, have decided to work on their portfolio, and do nothing.

Professor Wadhams says plainly “Our time is running out.” He says, to the point, that the leaders of the world and the CEOS have only done a little here (a token) but he says that we needed something like a Manhattan project which is really too late.

He said that if we did that now it would already be too late, unless you had the best to work with and the resources to make it work but not as it should. ( major damages and casualties would happen).

Wadhams said that the only person doing anything about this threat to the people of planet earth is the Pope.

He said that it is already much too late to do anything. Except, perhaps a rapid plan put together for a year, something that might help.

Other than that, there never was a plan for saving the planet.

Another project could have been there but there wasn’t even anyone listening.

“The Arctic is warming faster than anyone else on the planet.” NASA climate change scientist James Hansen has said. ” There are potential irreversible effects  of melting the Arctic sea ice. If it begins to allow the Arctic to warm up, and warm the ocean floor, then we’ll begin to release methane hydrates. And if we let it happen, that is a potential tipping point that we don’t won’t to happen. If we burn all the fossil fuels then we certainly will cause the methane hydrates, eventually, to come out and cause several degrees more warming, and it’s not clear that civilization could survive that extreme climate change.”

Let it be known, that the leaders of the world did nothing but to collect a pile of money for dubious activities, but did little or nothing to save the planet. Yes. the CEOS collected a large amount of money but did nothing to save the planet.

And nothing has been done.



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