The Permian Mass Extinction-Will Humans Follow Soon?

dimetrodon-a71k3p-ga (6)According to Professor McPherson, “the Permian mass extinction that occurred 250 million years ago, also known as the “Great Dying,” was triggered by a massive lava flow in an area of Siberia that led to an increase in global temperatures of 6 degrees Celsius. (That would definitely end the party.)

“That, in turn, caused the melting of frozen deposits under the seas. Released into the atmosphere, those gases caused temperatures to skyrocket further. All of this occurred over a period of approximately 80,000 years.

“The change in climate is thought to be the key to what caused the extinction of most species on the planet. In that extinction episode, it is estimated that 95 percent of all species were wiped out.”

naam-ice-05Planet earth is also loaded down with CO2 and Methane below the “former ice”, currently being opened up as oil companies are putting their rigs in the Arctic Ocean. Along with that, climate change is causing the arctic ice to melt rapidly, and scientists predict that the Arctic will be ice free by the summer of 2016. A number of scientists agree.

Active operations in the Arctic have disrupted these dangerous gases that are now bubbling up and covering large areas of the Arctic’s water. Such activity, scientists say, is just waiting to cause a global disaster, allowing large amounts of CO2 and Methane, causing a jump in global temperatures around the world to our atmosphere and oceans, which will bring on a jump in deaths globally, both humans and other species, below and above the earth, causing many dead and dying species of creatures globally.

florida-sea-level-rise-5-meters-17-feet.png.opt399x252o0,0s399x252Example: As the ice melts from the glaciers, the Arctic Ocean ice could completely melt by 2016 and the Antarctic ice begins to speed up its melting, the state of Florida is projected to add 12 million more citizens, many on the water. If so, your home will be under water. Towns won’t be immune either. You may want to reconsider your choice.

The first 5 extinctions on planet earth was free of humans but it’s our time now. Being human, with large brains, we should of been more careful. However, our brains forgot to have a conscious. Thus, we are responsible for this next extinction on earth this time. We will be the ones who bring about the sixth extinction (the ACD), the anthropogenic climate disruption. It appears that all our leaders do try to stop the disasters on our homes, but they should have not placed your homes on the water. The only thing you’ll get from corporations will be a tent far away. Your cabin cruiser can be your new home. Or try Canada.


“Science Advances states, unequivocally, that the planet has officially entered its sixth mass extinction event. The study shows that species are already being killed off at rates much faster than they were during the other [five extinction events], and warns ominously that humans could very likely be among the first wave of species to go extinct.”

The number one  scientist on climate change is Peter Wadhams. Professor Wadhams of Cambridge University. He had 40 years to study the climate. He has been around the world, and has studied the Arctic area at the sites and has a complete understanding of the situation in the Arctic Ocean. He has ideas that could have helped solve the climate change but the leaders of nations, and more important, the CEOs, have decided to work on their portfolio, and do nothing.

Professor Wadhams says plainly “Our time is running out.” He says, to the point, that the leaders of the world and the CEOs have only done a little here (a token) but he says that we needed something like a Manhattan project which is really too late. We needed a comprehensive global project to make major changes but no one was interested.

Wadhams blamed the failure on the leaders of nations and the CEOs of the world. There was no global plan. He stated it is already much too late to do anything. Except, perhaps a rapid plan put together for a year, something that might help.

NASA’s James Hansen:

“The Arctic is warming faster than anywhere else on the planet,” climate change scientist James Hansen has said,

CO2mainnews“The Arctic is warming faster than anywhere else on the planet,” climate change scientist James Hansen has said, There are potential irreversible effects  of melting the Arctic sea ice. If it begins to allow the Arctic to warm up, and warm the ocean floor, then we’ll begin to release methane hydrates. And if we let that happen, that is a potential tipping point that we don’t want to happen. If we burn all the fossil fuels then we certainly will cause the methane hydrates, eventually, to come out and cause several degrees more warming, and it’s not clear that civilization could survive that extreme climate change.”

But David Sheppard: Rays of Hope

Director-General, Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme

Picture3-300x170It’s easy to be pessimistic about the future of the world’s oceans. The 20th century lay to rest myths that the oceans were so vast and their living resources so huge that human activities could never make a significant impact. Instead, we saw destruction in the stocks of the great whales, the collapse of numerous fisheries as more fishing vessels poured onto the seas with increasingly sophisticated technologies, and the creation of dead zones as industrial effluents smothered and poisoned previously rich, productive waters.

NOTE: There are numerous disasters, oceans filled with junk and all kinds of poisons. Add to that 2.4 billion more people living on earth, taking away whatever will be left.The climate is going to continue downhill to collapse and the glaciers will melt, so will the Arctic Ocean for the most part, left with only water.

The earth will become hotter as the rays of sunlight cross the planet and strike into the waters of the  earth, (with the Arctic Ocean without ice) causing it to become even hotter, and death will become the norm for humans around the world.

And eventually, there will be no person left to tell the story to anyone. No one…..

idx_photo_carlos-ghosnYet CEO’s Nissan announced that earth’s automakers will build 2.5 billion more vehicles by 2050, adding a lot more CO2 to an already polluted atmosphere. Oh yes. and you can see the road we’re on.

“This is the end. My only friend the end. Of everything that stands, the end.” (The Doors)

We’re almost there.


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