Islamic State Stones Woman to Death for Adultery

This is a real stoning of a woman for the “crime” of adultery. This crime will be carried out by men in the desert by men.

files.phpThe woman was put in a whole in the sand, There were officials to make it legal but the process, shown in video (poor quality) took place and the poor woman suffered greatly. The stoning lasted a while and the woman suffered greatly. This will be the process once the world takes over and everyone will be punished the same. This stoning, however, was far from it and the woman suffered a lot. (The photo from Somalia, was for example.)

America will, of course, carry out all of the punishments that ISLAM demands, once it takes over the world and the United States. That is, if we, in America, allows that to happen and our ‘leaders” let it take place.

In America, though, we may have millions of men and women who would be executed for this “terrible” crime. Unless, our nation wakes up.

NOTE: The quality was not good video but you can learn a lot from watching it.

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