Killing Christians, Jews, etc.

The goal of Muslims is to kill Jews, Christians, and everyone who  else is a non-Muslim. The goal: kill all non-Muslims. This means that children should learn how to kill non-Muslims.The goal is to kill all non-Muslims, to the point that only Muslims live on the earth. Who are you going to kill thenfreespeech (300x202) (3)?

Muslims (ISIS) will only live on earth. That includes young men and boys, young men who train how to fight and kill non-Muslims. The best of the Islamic State’s “Caliphate Cubs” are rewarded to execute a prisoner.  Here ISIS children are rewarded to carry out execution.

This is not your peaceful Sunday School class where they learn how to kill in America. It does nothing but teach how to kill everyone but Muslims. That means Jews, Christians and everyone but Muslims.

How to kill a target of opportunity.

4ca167659de150bd4223f9e0e3b3c62cThere are guidelines also for how to beat your wife properly. They should be followed. For help, use the expert above who will give you the proper guidance. This guidance is essential for the couple to understand the rules that are necessary for a good marriage. “You must not curse her when you beat her.” I guess she will like that? The video is a few spots below. So pay attention to the MEMRI-TV.

More to follow.

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