Think: Muslims Are Spreading Islam Around The World By Force

2E6420EB00000578-3315739-image-a-8_1447418724984It appears that the world will be setting up to spread Islam across the world. This map reveals that a large part of the first photo means that the Muslims are gaining large numbers of Muslims and they can do so joyfully because huge numbers of Muslims are prolific and they will teach their children all they can about Islam. Or else.

For example, no Muslim will look at becoming a Christian or any other religion, certainly not Jews. That’s for the last days. That’s when Muslims should be a majority in a number of areas. Muslims could be in charge of a number of areas in Canada and parts of the United States. Canada with a large and growing population, ready to take over parts of Canada and in the United States. Note the Polish town near Detroit which has now become governed by Muslims. This can be happening soon after a large numbers of Muslims have arrived and settled in.

stoningb3I know that you, and you could some day see, maybe, women and men charged of Adultery for both husband and wife. This is common in ISLAM. The penalty is to bury both man (or husband and wife, etc. up to their stomach and the good members of the group pick up rocks and through rocks at them until they are bloody and dead. Just good old Islamic yahoos killing them in the name of…??? of what?

The woman was buried up to her waist and the good ole boys threw rocks at her until she was bloody and dead in the ground, while the man is in the process of having his brains kicked out. Just a really nice Islamic hard rock throw at the two adulteries. It beats prayers all to hell, dosn’t it.

14075272571961_700You and others can laugh at this but these actions are serious and once they become the rulers of  towns and counties and more, you must go all the way and carry out all punishments- decapitate heads, or one hand and the opposite foot. Then, no more thieves from this group. None at all.

0-a-1-scharia-in-c3a4gyptenYou know that the best show is downtown when we have a large group and causes them great pain while shoppers watch those gays until they scream, then cut off parts of their body, then cut off their head and watch them look up. You can get some real good pictures. I’m afraid that it won’t be like that anymore.

files.phpMore than ever, Muslims are in the pipeline for America, and we are ready to bring them in and settle them down and be a part of America. The Islamic part. The part of pain, suffering, humans being slowly  killed in front of shoppers, taking pictures of men dying slowly in front of men, women and children just because of the way they were born. But one and a half billion people celebrate torture all day. And they want every person on earth to enjoy the pain and suffering from other humans. (Somalia. Stoning with rocks for adultery is commonplace for men and women throughout Islam.) Folks. This is not religion in America. Religion can be like that if you allow it. Good or Evil. Your choice.

If you don’t stand up for good and against evil, the world of evil will win another celebration from the likes of Muhammad, Stalin, Hitler and the ones Who shamed America.

“Mr. Kerry said that the number of refugees would not rise to 100,000 next year but might next year in later years.” Sept. 19, 2015.

President Obama Nov. 23, 2015 says that “The Obama Administration plans to accept 100,000 to 250,000 Syrian refugees….”??

I believe the phrase is “Allah Akbar.”

These tortures are part of the governments of most Islamic nations and they use these horrific terrorist tortures throughout Islamic countries. They want to use them in all countries, including America.

America has a choice now. Good or Evil. They can’t use some of them now without violating a number of crimes that are used in the Quran or in America.

For now, anyway. For a clue, look at the punishments above. That should be clear now. This is the way they behave now in their country. They feel the need to continue their tortures but they are held back now because all of that is illegal in Canada and America. It’s hard being as evil as they want to be in a civilized nation, isn’t it.




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