Videos of Regular Victims of Islam. Beautiful.

a-public-stoning-in-somaliaWhen the Muslims take over the world, they will reveal to all non Muslims how evil that Islam is and how the leaders of Islam in America are working to make it become a total religion for the earth. That means all punishments will become a complete religion for Islam globally. (Stoning a man to death for adultery, or a woman.)

Notice that all Muslims must be  faithful to Islam in the end days. The leaders of Muslims in America say so. “In America Omar M. Ahmad (former of CAIR, Council on American-Islam Relations), stated the end game clearly.”

“Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to dominate. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the only accepted religion on earth. [San Ramon Valley, July 4, 1988] This is the way it will be until Islam rules the world. [The current leader of CAIR states the same, that the Koran should be the only accepted religion on earth.]

That means, folks, that you either become a good Muslim, or you become a dead Christian, Jew and anyone else desiring to be eliminated from the earth. You have no choice. You should understand this.

An example is:

files.phpSaudi Arabia beheadings will be part of Islam in America. Also you will be witnessed to other ways of torture in Islam, such as stoning for adultery (see above), beating for adultery, also putting adulteries in deep ditches, cover them in dirt, then the good men of Islam, can through rocks at them until they are bloody and dead. These crimes of adultery are carried out a lot, probably because the good men of Islam like to make the men and women suffer for their “crimes.”

Perhaps that may be the reason. However, American citizens, under the control of Islam, will have a number of ways to make the criminals suffer. The leaders of the religion of Islam, by then, will no longer have a soul to be concerned with, I’m sure.



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