Donald Trump will not Close the Border with Mexico

Just for your information, Donald Trump will not close the border with Mexico. Just the opposite. President George W. Bush decided to carry on with his father’s goal of integrating NORTH AMERICA and so Bush met with the President of Mexico and the Prime Minister of Canada at Waco, Texas in 2005. At this meeting in Waco, Texas the three leaders agreed to integrate North America and open up the borders of the continent.

630-BorderNot only that, Trump also knows now that Mexico and the United States have agreed to open the borders with Mexico and the U.S. with opening highways and bridges all along the Rio Grande. In addition, there will be shared policing with Mexicans and Americans  policing in harmony on both sides, working together. according to the plans. This new harmony has led to another agreement that took place on March 23, 2010. See link above.

The plan with opening the Mexican border with the United States will include a closer integration of the two nations.  To make this integration of the U.S. and Mexico work, the two countries will become closer.

Setting policy- Achieving rapid policy change requires an agile inter-agency process within each country as well as can easily coordinate at a bi-national level. Both countries need to reinvigorate their policy-setting architecture to address and infrastructure changes needed to realize our new vision of collaborative border management.

24peso_4_650cIt means that both countries must make legal changes somewhere as they go forward. It means that Mexico and the United States will open up each nation for easy travel between Mexico and the United States. It also means that Mexicans and Americans can ‘live and work” anywhere in both countries. (The new agreements  among the three nations means that when finished, Canada, Mexico and the United States can live and work anywhere in NORTH AMERICA.)

These three nations agreed to integrate all three nations in 2005 in Waco, Texas. All three countries have made agreements. The agreement between Mexico and the U.S. can be found in the agreement in the second paragraph above.

The second agreement was between Canada and the United States which opens up these two countries to each other. This is the Declaration by President Obama and Prime Minister Harper of Canada-Beyond the Border.

Bell_Helicopter_Handover_152_largeAll three nations of North America are quickly completing a perimeter around the continent. U.S. Government officials have been working (with U.S. military and experts) constantly in order to seize and stop the drug trade in Mexico and open up the continent to all citizens of NORTH AMERICA.

The presidents of the United States from 2005, George W. Bush to Barack Obama, have been working constantly to integrate the three nations of NORTH AMERICA. Read the 2005 report “Building a North American Community”. The two presidents of the United States since 2005 to the present, have been working constantly toward the integration of NORTH AMERICA. The CEOs of the three nations have been ready to use the cheap labor of Mexico and when it does, the cost of labor in the United States will drop dramatically.

Obama’s efforts toward integrating the continent has made significant efforts toward finishing a common outer perimeter around North America and opening the continent for all citizens of North America. When finished, citizens of Mexico can get jobs throughout the continent, especially throughout the United States. The CEOs of North America were important in the opening up of the continent.

Of course, if Donald Trump really wants to close the border with Mexico, he will not be able to make it happen. However, someone should tell Trump that the border is going to be wide open to the citizens of  Mexico. They will be working in the United States at lower wages. The highest wages in Mexico was, at last count, $3.50 per hour to build new cars. I understand that it may have gone up a little, though.

This plan for Building a North American Community is the plan for integration of NORTH AMERICA. Trump should read this plan before talking too much.



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