George Bush and Me

RayPresident Bush and I go back a few years, mostly when I write articles about Bush and the things that he did in office. Of course, the president has a history of criminal acts, with Vice President Cheney, and later, with Secretary Rumsfeld. [Ray Kania.]

There were, much later, at least three articles that Bush didn’t want revealed, which took place in both of his terms of office. So Bush went to the first CEO of GOOGLE and asked him to get several articles that I wrote- by that he meant delete my articles at my website.  Bush didn’t want the public to know or that what he was doing is illegal, president or not.

The CEO agreed to delete those articles for Bush and another person, BUT while I was reading that very same article, it was being destroyed as I watched. These agents were in the process of this “criminal” act. The agents heard me complaining. They heard this, then they called off the operation. I have a long history of this monitoring. You would think I was a threat. Bush’s mission a failure.

You could see the type disappearing. However, the techs heard them replacing the article and left it intact. Years later in (2015) I also heard from an agent while I was being monitored. I was threatened and my articles damaged by agents of USNORTHCOM for a good part of 2015 this last year. I’ve been monitored by the last two CEOs on the behest of George W. Bush over a long span.

Both efforts from George Bush were turned down by  both CEOs over four or five years but the second time Bush asked the last President to delete my article, it revealed that it showed clearly my article was valid and it was turned down. This CEO though, did block me from having only my website from accessing only me, the only website on earth, by the CEO. So they could watch me.

For 2 weeks my website (2015) was blocked by the CEO, but the lawyer for the CEO  said the article was valid. And that, of course, means that my article about President Bush being guilty of his crimes is also valid. It then follows that President Bush should be tried for mass murder and a list of other crimes, along with Vice President Cheney and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld.

And George W. Bush is guilty. I will show the article for your reading at the end. These crimes from President Bush are illegal when you hire criminals to attempt crimes for the president. George W. Bush is illegal when he is keeping me from writing and publishing my articles. He is keeping me from the truth. As the president, you are also hiding the truth. Why are you afraid of the truth, Mr. Bush?

bush-war-criminal-300x274I would hope that the former President Bush is charged for crimes committed against a number of people, including mass murder for 9/11, and allowing Secretary Rumsfeld to advise President Bush to let Bin Laden escape into Pakistan so that he could be seen as “a commander-in-chief ”  in Iraq. And Vice President Cheney did get those concessions in Iraq and he became a billionaire again by getting the concessions in Iraq.

(That, my friends is what all the killing was about. It’s still killing people NOW in Afghanistan, killing Americans into our 15th year where American soldiers are still being killed because Bush and Cheney wanted to get personal goals because both of them, Bush and Cheney, Bush with his “glory” and Cheney with his  billions. That is what it was all about. And these despicable humans  are still walking around.

That was what the whole disaster was about. NOTHING. Except those evil monsters sitting in the White House. Folks, that is what that whole mess was just about, those three evil people who killed and maimed all those other people because they were there. Nothing personal, of course.

These articles that I have published do mean a lot but certainly not anything like the horror and death that continues, all because of our  so-called leaders. But the wounded and dying, continue dying because of George W. Bush and Vice President Cheney. But no one will stand up and tell America why they did it.

NoradNorthcom-PrudentialCSNear the end of my trial of terror, a new person interred the scene. That was the agent for USNORTHCOM. The agent changed my password for GO DADDY and I was asking (Steve)? from GO Daddy if he could change my pass word so I could get in to my own website, which was changed by  USNORTHCOM, as I went to see Go Daddy. The USNORTHCOM continued to destroy and threaten my website.

At that moment, the agent from USNORTHCOM (who was monitoring me) slipped up and said loudly, “you can’t”. All I heard was a loud, Oops! muffled sound and everything was quiet.

Then the GO Daddy agent ‘Steve’ yelled at the USNORTHCOM agent, HEY! YOU CAN’T DO THAT. Then I decided to email a senator and wrote him about the crimes and that they were spying on citizens and making threats from our own government. I will be happy to verify the truth.

During the spring of 2015 I sent my message to this eastern Senator and 2 hours later, the senator told USNORTHCOM to shut down these “criminal acts”. I have been free from these evil bastards since then. I wrote them and I declared to the USNORTHCOM that I would be happy to take on any of you, one at a time. It was announced for all comers. I would enjoy that.


The crimes of Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were all part of the knowledge and actions of the crimes that involved 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq. There were no reasons for any conflict for 9/11 or anyone (including Bush), Afghanistan, or Iraq to have taken place.

Indeed, BUSH and CHENEY were the only reasons that any wars took place because of George W. Bush and Richard Cheney. There was no cause for any war under George W. Bush: only a choice that Bush and Cheney deliberately  made by hiding evidence and  tons of it, which Bush hid so that  Bin Laden could have a smooth ride into the twin Towers.


No one wants to be part of the evil actions that Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld were part of in the Bush crimes that took place, and thus no one wants to expose them and point them out. If so, everyone involved, even remotely, will become a part of something so evil and callous that no one will claim to these most horrific and despicable acts. But some one must pay.

For example, Afghanistan had been bogged down in that country for over 15 years because Secretary Rumsfeld told Bush and Cheney to let Bin Laden and company escape into Pakistan from Tora Bora on the border with Afghanistan. That action by Rumsfeld allowed Bush and Cheney to get away from Afghanistan and make it to Iraq and to carry out their long time plan.

Dick-CheneyThat plan was for President Bush to attack Iraq and become a commander-in-chief after invading it, while Vice President Cheney won all the concessions after invading Iraq without cause. After that disaster, Bush got his goal of becoming a commander-in-chief in a faux war and a history written on false information and the lives of many people. And Iraq is about to collapse after what Bush and Cheney did to that nation. (PHOTO: Richard Cheney, Vice President.)

George Bush and Richard Cheney let Bin Laden and company escape into Pakistan and the Afghans  continue  to kill  Americans after Secretary Rumsfeld told Bush to let the Afghans go if you want to make it to Iraq and your goals.

Remember this. To make their goals in Iraq, Bush and Cheney allowed  Bin Laden to have a free ride through America because he needed to find some group  to bring about a reason to invade. Bush then immediately used a plan to ignore Bin Laden so he could then attack America and then Bush could attack Iraq.

Defense Secretary Runsfeld continued his strange orders when he allowed bin-Laden and his followers to escape into Pakistan.The problem was that idiot Bush wanted to invade Iraq, thinking that Iraq had something to do with 9/11. It didn’t matter who was killed just as long as Secretary Rumsfeld advised Bush and Cheney to let the enemy escape. That allowed the Afghans to set up a plan to continue killing more Americans. That disaster has been deadly for Americans as the Afghans have now been killing Americans for over 15 years, after Rumsfeld told Bush and Cheney to get over to Iraq if you want to make your goals or miss out.

No one wants to point them out, because they will become the most evil criminals in American history. And it will take bold action to bring these criminals to justice, a quick and complete justice.

rumsfeld-bush-cheney31-320x239I have reported several times on the crimes of President Bush and others. Notice that these crimes were PLANNED by Bush and Cheney, and they began putting these plans into action on the first day. That action was to stop all monitoring for bin Laden activity while Bush remained aloof. No problem here. Bush had a plan from the start and that was to ignore all information and let Bin Laden to have that easy highway across America. Bush didn’t blink once after 3,000 decent hard-working Americans died so Bush and Cheney could reach their personal goals.


Notice that Mickey Herskowitz, Bush’s first biographer, relates the plan that candidate Bush would follow if he were elected president:

5753217“One of the keys to be seen as a great president is to be seen as a commander-in-chief. My father had all this capital build up when he drove the Iraqis out of Kuwait and he wasted it…If I had a chance to invade…If I had a chance to invade…If I had that much capital, I’m not going to waste it. I’m going to get everything passed that I want passed and I’m going to have a successful presidency.” (Translation: I will manipulate events, build up my resume and go down in history as a great world leader.”)

This is why Bush wanted to be president. “…to be seen as a great president is to be seen as a commander-in-chief.” (And to have a history written about him.) He has nothing but a record of mass murder and he should be executed, along with Cheney and Rumsfeld. [These American heroes are being killed and destroyed so Bush  could be a president and Cheney can become a billionaire.]

Richard Cheney was asked to run for office as Vice President to guide his son (a former alcoholic, drug and party boy) George Bush, to help his son make his way through the White House. Cheney, himself, was having a rough time since his corporation was in hard times. To fix that, Cheney planned to try and get the concessions? in Iraq as soon as Bush could get loose from from Afghanistan.


When Bush became President, he shut down all info and other agencies, then shut down urgent meetings on Bin Laden and other foreign agencies.

From Richard A. Clarke, the word to all concerned was that all personnel would ignore essential memos and data necessary to plan for attacks.

Ray: Give me access to the White House areas and I will convict all three criminals.

Condi Rice:


Condoleezza Rice had no idea what tacticss or plans al-Qaeda was making to attack America. She didn't know about terrorists using hijacked planes to attack buildings. She never heard of Bojinka, publicized in the first trial after the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1996. It was a plan to hijack 12 airliners over the Pacific and crash them into the ocean and buildings on the west coast. No one in the Bush administration was researching this most dangerous group.“Steve asked today that we propose major Presidential policy reviews or initiatives. We URGENTLY need a Principals level review on the al qida (Qaeda) network.”

See the rest of the memo. Rice refused the urgent meeting. In fact Bush dragged along, doing nothing about the threat until after 9/11.

Condoleezaa Rice was a total zero, not knowing anything that was going on.

Now, George W. Bush, Richard Cheney and Secretary Rumsfeld are still at large.

This is the article that will show you how Bush and Cheney could allow for Bin Laden to have his way with 9/11.




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