This Group of Info will show you how the NEW WORLD ORDER WORKS

nafta_superhighway-nauThe New World Order is quickly destroying the United States while American citizens are quickly watching Americans lose their nation quickly. Who is in charge of America? The new force controlling America, Canada and Mexico are now integrated as NORTH AMERICA. That new governing force is North America.

CancunMeeting1Ten CEOs from three nations meet together and decide how they will govern North America. CEOs, not our president, not the Prime Minister, not the president of Mexico. The CEOs decide how North America is governed, except in an emergency. Normally the plan would be decided by North American agreements.That, of course would be Ford, GM, Whirlpool, and other CEOs from Canada and Mexico. (In emergency, the leaders can takeover.)

size0Yes. And the military of this continent is being put into force by the United States, Canada and Mexico. Soldiers from those three nations are training with the military at American bases. They are training at Camp Bullard, Texas, Ft. Bragg and other places. And the munitions are the same calibers that will be used by the three countries.

All three military forces can now utilize their soldiers to use force in the United States if needed.

Canada can now allow its military to cross into the U.S., using their military with a treaty allowing them to bring their troops into the U.S. with a 2007 military agreement.

To see how the new integration of North America is developing into the the New World Order, read about these articles and how their plans are developing:

0III0I1213963457-300x202_003Soldiers from North America are now training soldiers from South America. The U.S. military is also training soldiers from all of South America in the United States. NOTE that the USSOUTHCOM is headquartered in Miami, Florida. the headquarters.

Bill Gates hires cheap labor from India and fires Americans.

Both Republican and Democrat Presidents are working to open the borders with Mexico.

World Leaders: Progress toward the New World Order.

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Ray Kania. Notice that the integration of North America is documented and is currently being constructed. Citizens of Canada and the United States are supposed to be having their ID cards but local citizens of those two countries are not compliant with the New World Order.

Mexico, however, is in compliance with their government, working to have all their children between 5 and 17 compliant, with ID cards.




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