US-EU INTEGRATION: Economic/Political. END OF U.S.

U.S. President Obama delivers a live televised address to the nation on his plans for military action against the Islamic State, from the Cross Hall of the White House in WashingtonIt would be difficult to figure it out but we shall try since the United States-European Union have been a reality since 1999 with American members of Congress and the European Parliament meeting together with corporations to “Harmonize” the two regions, acting as one government. Corporations from both regions will be the driving force for this integration of the US-EU, both economically and politically. United States sovereignty will be history when this integration is finalized.

irving4_100853a6Obama has been very active toward changing our laws, such as abolishing the right to have a gun, and changing the law for your speech. With that as a change in our law, your right to speech could then be changed as a crime. As a crime you could then be charged for a number of crimes-just for your speech. Some crimes of speech could even put you in prison for up to 3 years or much more. Since then, charges for speech crimes in the EU have increased. (They can have punishment of 10 years for your speech.)

There was a professor (PHOTO LEFT) who was charged for his speech. He was found guilty in an Austrian Court and put in prison for his speech. Since then, citizens of the EU have seen an increase in speech crimes.

NOTE: Our past two  presidents are no longer here. They never were. We, the US, will no longer have the right to free speech when we integrate with the Europeans.  [Think people. Our country will no longer have our freedom of speech.]

This is important: The goal for this integration of the US and the European Union is to adopt “by December 2015 of the key elements of a ‘Transatlantic Partnership Agreement’…including stronger institutional structures for the relationship.”

Rumsfeld_Bush_CheneyBoth George W. Bush and Barack Obama have tried to make laws between the United States and the European Union. So far Bush and Obama have both tried laws that can put American citizens in prison for their speech and it will also make private gun weapons illegal. The goal is to abolish private guns for the U.S. and the European Union. George W. Bush and Barack Obama have both tried to do that but failed.

When the next president tries to make speech a crime and succeeds in order to  merge with the EU, our nation will no longer be free. When that happens, soon, we will no longer be a free citizen. Our last two presidents have told American corporations that they will abolish free speech so the United States will be in agreement with the EU.  (Not happening yet)

This link will show our U.S. congressmen who are working for the TTIP. These congressmen and women are  the members of the United States who will also be working for the US-EU and can be found in this section. Ask them why are you doing this? HINT: Corporations.

This will find the EU Parliamentary group for you. These will be the EU Parliamentary group, equal to our congressmen. Both groups will be equal and will be able to make laws and policy for the TTIP.

The business corporations are those who are the most interested in the TTIP and they have the most interest in how this Economic/Political integration turns out.

These documents are valuable for those who are interested. It can show how your presidents destroyed your nation. Will  you just stand by and watch the only last hope for freedom on earth? Every candidate for president knows and will stand with the corporations and the merger with the US-EU.

The US-EU will become one ‘region”. This integration, a ‘harmonized region”, will become the new governing system based on the economy.

The final goal of this economic and political merger of the United States and the European Union will be the TTIP, The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. It will overturn rules and laws that corporations want made null and void- in order to please them.

Remember. If the U.S. President agrees to the US merger with the EU, soon, your freedom of speech will disappear. And with that, the last hope of the world will go silent. Forever.

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