Famine is common in Africa. This photo from the Sudan by Kevin Carter in 1993 won a Pulitzer Prize. The little girl is trying to make it to a source of food while the vulture is waiting for her to fail. With climate warming, many species will die, including the vulture, leaving no one to dispose of the bodies. The girl in the photo was taken to safety and fed. The photographer committed suicide 3 months later.This photo could well become the image that describes the end of days as the world is currently in the process of destroying our atmosphere, the destruction of fresh water, the destruction of our farmland.

Experts have decided that the citizens of Earth are bringing us toward the end time of our planet.

Experts tell us that we can no longer support a system that is being trashed on such a large scale. The result is currently bringing us to disaster. Carter took 20 minutes to set up the photo and got this scene as well as some criticism.

[NOTE: The photo above was taken in Africa in 1993 by Kevin Carter and the New York Times published it in March of 1993. Carter saw the little girl struggling on the ground when a buzzard landed a few yards behind. Carter decided to take the scene and received some criticism. As a result Carter took his life a couple of months later due to depression on July 27, 1994, at the age of 33.]

A man walks through the dried-up bed of a reservoir in Sanyuan county, Shaanxi province July 30, 2014. REUTERS/Stringer
A man walks through the dried-up bed of a reservoir in Sanyuan county, Shaanxi province July 30, 2014. REUTERS/Stringer

This will be the real END TIME and everyone will know it. And this movie will not have a happy ending. I chose the photo above because it will not have a pleasant ending. It will just have one disaster after another. Humanity will no longer be worthy of the name.

Scientists have decided that by 2050 most of the oceans will be destroyed by pollution, meaning that the food we take from them will no longer be there.

The atmosphere on earth is also becoming quickly polluted in the air and in our water as you have noticed by the current news, for the contaminated water in Detroit and places in the atmosphere in California, etc. Adding 2.5 billion more people would just be more making hell a lot more so. ”


Climate Change
Climate Change

What we got are a mix of groups doing nothing throughout the centuries, not having a consensus in a mix of nations, language, religions, self-centered wealthy, dictators and a world in turmoil. Thus what what we are getting now is our earth heading for what has already been designated as officially the 6th extinction of animals on planet earth. And there is no way to stop this.

This will be the first extinction on earth that people will witness. Scientists globally have already begun that task for the animals. But that sounds like a wasted effort.

Listen closely. We are officially doing nothing of importance toward saving the earth and its people. That is because people in charge are CEOs and heads of nations.

As a fact, the best scientists or governments have not done anything to stop this disaster, mainly because no governments or scientists have stepped up to make a comprehensive effort. Nothing but patches here and there as the ice is melting around the world. (A small number of the best scientists on the planet would help but no one was interested.)

NOTE THIS: Some scientists have silently already declared earth dead. They are now making the best of their remaining times with families more often. It does appears that the one with the most wealth will be the winner and loser. Dead, of course, when all the wealthy ones die. Still. No one is slowing down the CO2 and other contaminated oceans, climate, atmosphere. We are on a short lease now.


NO. just the opposite.


A Global Example: 2.5 Billion More Vehicles on Earth. Can you say CO2?

idx_photo_carlos-ghosnYes. The CEO of Nissan, Carlos Ghosn, said that there will be (at least) 2.5 billion more vehicles on the road. Most will be gasoline powered. Can you say-CO2, methane, etc.?

Now listen to this: Barcelona, Carlos Ghosen:

Traffic jam in New Delhi, India. NOMAD.
Traffic jam in New Delhi, India. NOMAD.

Today there are about 600 million vehicles on the roads. By 2050 that number is expected to be more than triple to as many as 2.5 billion. That number of fossil-burning engines on the road is not sustainable if we want to mitigate the impact of climate change.” March 11, 2015.

Ghosn even admitted that the CO2 levels would go up from all those CO2 automobiles that are planned. The fact is that CO2 is going strong on planet earth. Can you say climate change?

More bad news for the future from the executive of the Convention on Biological Diversity. Ahmad Djoghlaf recently observed “Climate Change has become one of the greatest drivers of biodiversity loss.” (Working toward a world without animals and vegetation.)

But Carlos Ghosn did not blink once when he announced that autoworkers will build 2.5 billion more vehicles by 2050, a date when all resources will be collapsing globally.

REMEMBER: There are no global comprehensive  plans to stop the CO2 but no one is listening.

REMEMBER THIS: By 2050, we will have 2.5 billion more people on earth without the resources to live when water, fish, animals, and an atmosphere burning up with a continuing death count that will bring about massive deaths globally. The best scientists have noted this and they know that this planet is done with. It will be a hell on earth.

I can only thing of this. There will be nothing that is good. Nothing left.

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