The Earth, Out of Resources. Yet the Muslims still threaten Religion

A thought I learned in high school:

“When I grew up, I learned early on that the merchants of the world rule and will eventually, like a cancer, destroy all that they see. And the CEOs of our economic system are truly based on “the one who dies with the most, wins.”

Then shortly afterward, the world becomes uninhabitable. There is a term that applies here when a planet won’t stop producing people. Too many babies filling up the earth with humans and running out of resources. And no one is doing anything at all to stop it. By the date 2050, our earth will become out of control.

d1There are mass movements, especially Muslims who are invading Europe, out of food, doing nothing (yes).  It is up to the Europeans to keep supporting these refugees by supplying food and shelter for them. And the invasion continues with no stop yet. (That is a big disaster that will destroy Europe and will be the end of civilization in Europe. Then watch the barbarians of Islam destroy the monuments of Europe.)

Currently, the Muslims, despite their situation, these refugees demand that they allow the hosts to let them practice their “religion” such as having more than one wife, or carry out a religion that would be criminal in a modern world. These refugees would be in prison or more.”

Now, for the first time, these refugees want to carry out their religion, evil acts that would be punished as major crimes against humanity. If left in Europe, the citizens of Europe will suffer the “evil that Muhammad thought up as a religion. He also attacked and massacred many people, allowing his men to kill 900 men and boys (Jews) near Medina.” Yes. the Muslims would like to kill all Christians and Jews. So you say that the Muslims will be peaceful citizens. Since when?

Woolwich murder suspectConsider this: The leader of Britain ordered his military to never wear their military uniform because the Muslims were opposed to that- and other items that the Muslims dislike. Note: The Muslims have a habit of attacking the preachers of the Anglican Church when they are walking by the church.

This Muslim from the land of Muhammad has just killed a British soldier and cut off his head and watched it’s blood on the streets of London to show that they will attack British soldiers who are fighting their Muslim brothers in the streets of London and in the land of Muhammad. (several years ago.)

sharia-poster-2Leaving Muhammad to stay behind in England will destroy your nation and you will regret that. Now that evil is threatening the United States. Remember the killing by Muslims in California? There are many more Islamic Muslims getting ready to run loose in America and they are not afraid to do just that.  Muslims in America are currently planning or have been caught in the act of trying to kill or planning for killing American citizens.

There are over one and a half billion Muslims who are potential terrorists and will kill Muslims for Muhammad and Allah. They think that they are doing Allah’s work. Muslims have already attacked the preachers of the Anglican Church. Muslims are already showing that they are not afraid to attack and kill non-Muslims in America. And, of course, they have already killed Americans (non-Muslims) and will kill more.

So. Why are we allowing more killer Muslims into our nation when we know that Islam states that all religions, except Islam, must be destroyed.

One reason is that there are one and a half billion Muslims who worship that evil Allah. Muhammad decided one day and said that it was. Oh Yes. Allah also decided that it was OK for Muslim men to have sex with 9 year old girls. They can buy young girls in Thailand for a price. In some countries, they will be happy to sell their daughters for money.

14075169061961_700Think about this also. For example, when this evil Muhammad, who used to rule and kill for terror in the desert, finally makes Islam the religion of the world. Then think about all the public killings and tortures you can see for free when you go shopping downtown in New York. Bring your cameras. This is happening now wherever ISIS  is putting their show on in every town. Islam. Beautiful, isn’t it?

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