Hillary Clinton: Up to her neck integrating the world and destroying America

2009_05_31_SV_250_1Hillary Clinton is having a tough time integrating a large part of the world but destroying America. I hope to help her with the large number of tasks, she seems to have a tough time of keeping up as she destroys and puts an end to the United States. Her main job will be helping the CEOs to integrate a North America Community. This community will consist of Canada, Mexico and the United States.

nafta_superhighway-nauShe was taking over part of the task of completing the “final nails in the coffin”. This common security perimeter is quickly finishing up (pp.3,8) around North America, with a common tariff. (See pages xxvi and xviii). When the perimeter is finished, the interior borders between Mexico and the U.S. and between Canada and the U.S., will make it possible for all North American citizens in all three nations to “live and work” anywhere on the continent (27,28). That is why the last two presidents of the United States, Bush and Obama, are not seriously trying to stop illegal aliens from crossing the border.

cedula_002_t352The key cabinet members from the three nations will present the plans for more integrations and harmonization in this process of building a North American Community. The two Secretaries of State, Condoleeza Rice and Hillary Clinton, have both played MAJOR PARTS in building a new trading region for North America. The end game for this region would include that all 3 nations would agree to and abide by all international agreements. That  means the international “Freedom of Speech” that includes “with exceptions”, will be passed. That also means your speech can put you in prison for 3 years. Mexican children, 5 to 17 must have their ID card. The adults will also must have their ID card next.

NOTE: The list of the initial CEOs for the NACC can be found on the link above. Scroll down to the CEOs from all three nations. These leaders are giving the orders for all three Heads of State.

This is the State Department article that both Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton have taken away from the public’s view. My tech has revived it so that you can see exactly what the three leaders of North America are doing to your country.

090716_clinton_trilateral_250_1The leaders of Mexico, Canada, and the United States, their secretaries and members of the CEOs from all three nations are meeting in Cancun, Mexico to hear on progress of the integration of North America. (Hillary Clinton has done most of the efforts to integrate NORTH AMERICA, plus the integration of the 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere. When done, the United States will no longer exist and every person, 800,000,000 citizens, will have their ID CARD. USNORTHCOM will be in charge of the “security” of the hemisphere. It will keep track on everyone of the hemisphere. Don’t you feel good, now.

(So far the only two governments who haven’t agreed to integrate the other two nations are Canada and the United States. Mexico is currently ordering all children from 5 to 17 years old to have their ID CARD.) Note that everything is being done by force. Does that tell you anything at all?

When its finished, Hillary Clinton will be responsible for much of the integration of the hemisphere. She will be responsible for the end of the United States and the changes of our amendments. Two of them are the end of our free speech and the right to carry a gun.

Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State, was assigned to continue with the North American Community project and also add new nations to the merger of 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere. The total membership is done, except Canada and the United States. All 34 nations will, when completed, be under the rule of international law. That will mean some of our 10 Amendments will be “modified”, as George W. Bush well knows. He tried to get it passed but failed. It is still on the agenda. Our First Amendment will have some ‘exceptions” that you may not enjoy.

On June 1, 2009, the new Secretary of State Hillary Clinton published an OP-ED in the Miami Herald. In it this is some of what the Secretary said:

“I have also joined ministers from more than a dozen countries in the Western Hemisphere to make good on the President’s (Obama) and my commitment to re-launch (Bush’s) Pathways to Prosperity, a multilateral initiative to promote shared prosperity throughout the Americas.”

This is what it would look like:

IZKRBLAANMIt will be an integrated Western hemisphere in which all 34 nations will share equally with a trading region based on international law and the rules and regulations of the trade agreements. There will be open borders as in the European Union. International law will prevail. For example, the American First Amendment will now have exceptions as in the European Union. Violation of this new law means that, offending a person by speech, written and on the internet, even if the offensive words are true, a person can be found guilty and fined or imprisoned, for up to 3 years.

The United States will abide by all International laws.

Clinton added:

“I have also joined ministers from more than a dozen countries in the Western Hemisphere to make good on the President’s and my commitment to re-launch Pathways to Prosperity, a multilateral initiative to promote shared prosperity throughout the America’s”

“We can forge new Partnerships that bring together those governments, businesses, sub-regional institutions, diaspora communities, and other stake holders to harness untapped resources and talent.”

“The United States is committed to bring a full and equal partner in the Americas.”

This is true. Each nation is equal to all partners with no power over the other 33 nations. Cuba is included, making it 34 nations. It will be a copy of the European Union.


Notice that this site is a joint website for the integration of the Americas. My tech managed to save this site with all of the damning evidence you could ever want.

Mapoeaestados_miembrosThis website for the integration of the Americas, 34 nations of the Western Hemisphere, is called the Partnership to Prosperity in the Americas. Democrats and Republicans are both working to develop another European Union, based on the EU. This site for Republicans and Democrats, Jeb Bush and Donna Shalala, are aiming to make this hemisphere yet another integrated trading region with regulations and laws that will cover all members of this trading region. Some of your 10 amendments will be disregarded, starting with the First Amendment. It comes with exceptions.

These exceptions, like the EU, make speech a crime. If you cause someone to be offended or ridiculed by your speech, written or over the internet, you can be sentenced to 3 years in prison-even though your speech was true.

Miami-Skyline-300x225And both parties, including Jeb Bush, want to make the headquarters of the Americas in Miami. USSOUTHCOM is already headquarters here for the southern military region of the Americas. Both Republicans and Democrats want to make Miami the headquarters of the Americas. It will be the capital of the Americas. They speak Spanish down there.

NOTICE: Hillary Clinton is trying to cover up her efforts for two presidents and her success in integrating North America and ending the only hope left for the world. Now she has integrated every nation (except Canada and the United States). They, also, will be forced to end the United States by CEOs and those traitors among us over the last several decades.

When that happens every person in the hemisphere will be on data bases, (800,000,000) million people of the hemisphere will have their ID CARD. Most likely, USNORTHCOM will manage all IDs from the data. If you don’t have an ID, you can’t “buy or sell” in the NEW WORLD ORDER. They will found you.

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