NEW WORLD ORDER: Global Governance-Hillary Clinton and Others are making it now

“Countless people… will hate the new world order…and will die protesting against it…When we attempt to evaluate its promise, we have to bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents…” H.G.

01-23-13-Z-36Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama are actively engaged in efforts to bring about regional (such as the North American Community) and global governance, the preferred system for the New World Order. It is the approved version by corporations, financial interests and the United Nations. The Pope, however, has offered another tier to global governance which will be addressed later in this report.

In May of 2009 Clinton gave a speech at an annual meeting with foreign service retirees. (Note: This event was for the staff and the plans for the NEW WORLD ORDER.)

Daniel Strasser, a retired US Foreign  Service Officer, had this question for Clinton:

“…listening to the various things that you are doing and also Deputy Secretary Burns-Under Secretary Burns’ list of things, I wonder if you feel that you have an umbrella over-an umbrella concept, an overarching concept in which to contain what it is that this Administration and you are trying to do to deal with what I call the problems of galloping globalization in the world. And I hope that you might have one.”

Secretary Clinton: “Do you have any ideas?”

Two lines omitted.

Strasser: “I nominate the concept of global governance, which I know that Anne-Marie Slaughter knows a lot about, and which was proposed back in the 90s when you were in by the White House by the UN Commissioner on Global Governance. I believe it still has a lot of good proposals that need to be updated, but recommend to you, considering global governance, as that concept for this administration. Thank you.”

Secretary Clinton: “Well. I can just imagine what Lou Dobbs will say about that.”

Strasser: “You know what? Who cares about Lou Dobbs?”

Secretary Clinton.”I agree with that. (Laughter). We-you mentioned Anne-Marie Slaughter, who some of you know is our policy and planning director, first woman to have that job, former dean of the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton.

“And we’ve spent a lot of time about this. I mean, we don’t want to get hung up on coming up with a word. But we do have a pretty clear idea of the kind of approach that we’re taking.  But I think she would be very disappointed if I were to preview any of it now, so give me a little-give me a few weeks, okay.”

Unambiguous. Wouldn’t you agree? See the transcript from the U.S. Department of State.

Anne-MarieSlaughterAnne-Marie Slaughter is an advocate of global governance and is active in pursuing this goal. She is the author of a scholarly work, “A New World Order,” published in 2004. As you can see, there is such a thing called “A New World Order.” John Fonte, a senior fellow and director of Hudson’s Center for American Common Culture, wrote:

“Slaughter argues that nation-states should cede a degree of sovereignty to transnational networks ‘horizontally’ and supranational institutions ‘vertically.’ Horizontally means, for example, that American judges would interact with foreign judges, quote each other’s opinions, and develop joint legal doctrine (what she calls ‘trans-judicialism’). Vertically, she argues that nations should cede sovereign authority to supranational institutions in cases requiring global solutions to global problems, such as the International Criminal Court.

Slaughter maintains that global government networks’ can perform many of the functions of a world government-legislation, administration, and adjudication-without the form,’ thereby, creating a genuine global rule of law.”

NOTE: This article occurred  in 2009 and much of this New World Order has almost been finished. The Western Hemisphere has already completed placing IDs in data bases in 31 nations.These citizens of nations have their ID cards now. Mexico is currently having all children (25 million) from 5 to 18, who are currently receiving their ID cards. Adults will be next.

size0Canada and the United States seem to be RELUCTANT to become part of the NEW WORLD ORDER. But all three nations of the NORTH AMERICAN COMMUNITY are deeply into the integration of North America. An example: the United States, Canada, and Mexico have been training with the U.S. bases at Camp Bullard and FT. Bragg, and other places. Our forces, and all three nations’ military, have now merged and are now using the same ammunition. Some day, Mexican soldiers can, and will, if needed, could be ordered into the former U.S. on combat duty in the former United States.

Civil_Assistance_Plan_14feb08_smallAnother change of plans. The military of Canada and the United States have agreed that each nation (2007) can invade each other now without permission during an emergency from either military.

Hillary Clinton knows exactly what the three former nations have been training for all this time.

Yes. Mexicans can also live and work in the former United States. You can find it on pages 27,28. You can find the plan for Building for North America Community here.

This article contains a longer version if you want to cover other subjects dealing with the new World Order. Hillary Clinton.

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